Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Brian and I enjoyed a happy and fun 1st Anniversary =) Saturday morning we watched the JV Knights defeat Pius 37 to 9, Erik played most of the 2nd half. Then we worked on homework and had a mini Greek feast.

Sunday morning we went to church and then rented a Power Rake from the Home Depot and dethatched our yard, my mom's yard and Brian's parents yard. (Happy Anniversary right?) Really though it was fun to work on the project together and we'll have a beautiful yard to show for it.

Monday morning Brian made breakfast for everyone and then we took a morning nap (technically we slept in) and then overseeded and fertilized all three yards. For lunch we went to Fuji Sushi and tried some new and exciting things and the afternoon was spent running errands and restocking the house with groceries (teenage boys are hungry). Last night before bed the three of us cracked open the frozen wedding cake and were quite surprised to find that it was still delicious. Amazing, I know. Almost like a fairy tale. So we ate wedding cake, were saddened by Virginia Tech's loss to Boise and then we went to bed. Hopefully every year we can have this much fun!