Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The End of Spring Break

My poor neglected blog =) Today is our very last day of spring break. While I wish we were going to do something exciting, the truth is that we're just taking on our day-to-day responsibilities. I have gotten through 30 of our remaining 75 thank you's so this weekend I need to wrap up the rest of those, the dogs have enjoyed a long walk EVERY day. We spent last weekend in Kearney with our scouts seeing the cranes. We've had one or more drinks all but one day of break.

Last night we wanted to go for a bike ride but sometimes Brian is cursed (I told him to leave that Tiki totem from the Brady Bunch alone!). When he got home and got bikes ready one had a flat and in the process of getting the other one ready it blew a tube as well. The dogs were happy to go for an extra long walk and we had a nice dinner that my mom brought over before we ran off to the band parents meeting, piano lessons and grocery shopping. We'll try to update more often. Brian is now on Facebook so you can catch us there too!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saint Patrick's 2010

We went out with the neighbor's last night and then Jeff met us when he got off work. For the first time in my life (OK in the last 12 years) the bar ran out of green beer before they closed. We had a great time and laughed the night away. Tonight is scouts, tomorrow night is game night and this weekend we're having a Fiesta to celebrate Erik's trip to Spain.

Brian finished his final this morning so we're officially on Spring Break, and it feels AWESOME!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do the Happy Dance

Some weeks are better than others =)

Our new dog Cache is SUPER fun! If you need/want a nice spring walk come on over, he's a little slow but worth the entertainment value!

Yesterday we found out that Erik made it into Spanish 3/4 for his Junior year, this frees up his Senior schedule a lot (being in 2 music groups is challenging) and it means that the summer in between junior and senior year he'll spend 3 weeks in Spain... AWESOME!!!

I got my final grade for speech on Sunday - she blessed me with an A+ and I worked every second to get it. Last night when I went to math class we got our exams back (I have never been so excited for C's and B's as I have been in this class) and then the professor announced that he would be calling us forward to look at our grade and if we had and A or a B we could leave and not take the final.... I have NEVER been more surprised in my life, the final grade for his class was a B+ so I am officially on spring break.

This is advantageous for our house since Brian still needs to finish his finals this week. Next week we'll be celebrating happy hour at our house most days... feel free to text, call or stop over. This term was pretty wicked so we miss all our friends. For those who are expecting - we can make a fabulous mocktail for you =) Tomorrow we'll try to get some new pictures of Erik up, and of course a few shots of Cache. 2010 is looking pretty great!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Adding a New Member

This weekend we met Cash for the first time. He is a three year old male Basset Hound who's current family doesn't feel like they have enough time for him. He makes the best moaning and grunting sounds ever and is cute as a bug. This Saturday afternoon he'll be moving in with us. We wouldn't have waited but we're going to be watching my mom's new dog Allie and three dogs in the house, two of which are brand new but have been a little much. Who would have known we would end up with a hound dog?

We are creeping into finals and planning for a spirited night for Saint Patrick's Day... the good news is that I don't have any meetings the next day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The days go "March"ing on

What a wild first term. We have two weeks left! Last night my math class erupted, my last speech is this week, and Brian is trying to survive Anatomy... Thank goodness we have made it almost to the end, and with any luck, seriously, any at all, next term will be more enjoyable and successful.

Erik is taking a Spanish test today to see if he can make it into Spanish 3 and 4 as a junior. If he does he'll be able to travel to Spain for three weeks next summer. Pretty exciting! Drum practice started back up last night so we're getting ready for marching season.... and it hasn't even made it to 50 degrees yet this year!