Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do the Happy Dance

Some weeks are better than others =)

Our new dog Cache is SUPER fun! If you need/want a nice spring walk come on over, he's a little slow but worth the entertainment value!

Yesterday we found out that Erik made it into Spanish 3/4 for his Junior year, this frees up his Senior schedule a lot (being in 2 music groups is challenging) and it means that the summer in between junior and senior year he'll spend 3 weeks in Spain... AWESOME!!!

I got my final grade for speech on Sunday - she blessed me with an A+ and I worked every second to get it. Last night when I went to math class we got our exams back (I have never been so excited for C's and B's as I have been in this class) and then the professor announced that he would be calling us forward to look at our grade and if we had and A or a B we could leave and not take the final.... I have NEVER been more surprised in my life, the final grade for his class was a B+ so I am officially on spring break.

This is advantageous for our house since Brian still needs to finish his finals this week. Next week we'll be celebrating happy hour at our house most days... feel free to text, call or stop over. This term was pretty wicked so we miss all our friends. For those who are expecting - we can make a fabulous mocktail for you =) Tomorrow we'll try to get some new pictures of Erik up, and of course a few shots of Cache. 2010 is looking pretty great!

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