Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The End of Spring Break

My poor neglected blog =) Today is our very last day of spring break. While I wish we were going to do something exciting, the truth is that we're just taking on our day-to-day responsibilities. I have gotten through 30 of our remaining 75 thank you's so this weekend I need to wrap up the rest of those, the dogs have enjoyed a long walk EVERY day. We spent last weekend in Kearney with our scouts seeing the cranes. We've had one or more drinks all but one day of break.

Last night we wanted to go for a bike ride but sometimes Brian is cursed (I told him to leave that Tiki totem from the Brady Bunch alone!). When he got home and got bikes ready one had a flat and in the process of getting the other one ready it blew a tube as well. The dogs were happy to go for an extra long walk and we had a nice dinner that my mom brought over before we ran off to the band parents meeting, piano lessons and grocery shopping. We'll try to update more often. Brian is now on Facebook so you can catch us there too!

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