Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You's and Shamless Plugs

We had AWESOME vendors for our wedding. Many people loved our flowers.... they were done by Kevin and his team at FlowerWorks in Meridian Park (66th and O Street). The guys were fantastic, they met our budget and far exceeded our expectations... and we love them!!!

Bill Wiley was the photographer for our engagement picture and wedding photos. He was a total rockstar. There are amazing pictures of every person who was a part of our special day and we cannot thank him enough. I had heard photograher horror stories and Bill made our day wonderful!

We got our cakes from the award winning bakers at HyVee at N 84th and Holdrege. I wish they had done a better job on getting things set up for us but the taste was AMAZING!!!

We used an internet vendor for our favors and Brian can give you their site and such. Except for having to triple check their spelling they were awesome.

Rick and the staff at Crooked Creek Golf Club were fantastic. We were almost at MAXIMUM capacity for the reception and they did a great job of setting up tables and keeping things moving all night.

We couldn't be more appreciative for Tom Fletcher from Fletch Tunes. We couldn't have had a better DJ. Tom was amazing, he had an excellent feel for the crowd and everyone had a great time on the dance floor.

We'll have more tomorrow... really everything went well and we were lucky to have such a beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pics Vol V

If I didn't know better, I would say there was a wedding going on! :)

Why yes, we did have to pastor's officiating our wedding! Pastor JP takes a turn in this one.

Pastor Jim talks about the rings and the symbolism behind them.

The lighting of the unity candle.

Us walking out hand in hand, to the tunes of a handbell quartet!

Let's make it legal here folks!

Out through the bubbles!

Pics vol IV

Ok up to the beginning of the ceremony now.

First Jeff escorts in my grandparents.

Then David escorts in my parents.

Nancy and Roger make their way in.

Soon after the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl ride their bikes in.

The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids are up next.

First we have David & Elizabeth

Greg & Sheree

Brian & Vicki

Best Man and Matron of Honor Pete & Diane

Then the main attraction, Erik walks Christi down.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Quickie =)

Here are a few pictures taken by friends of ours, as those who were at the reception are aware we did a whole lot of group dancing and line dancing, including the flying Dutchman and of couse the Cha. Here are a few great candids!

pics vol II

Moving right along to the "before the ceremony" pics. Keep in mind, Christi and I decided VERY early on that we would not see each other on the big day, prior to the ceremony. This proved interesting that morning at the golf course, as I had to instruct Rich Lorenzen to be careful driving the golf cart as I was not to see the clubhouse! :)

Let's start with the bride, looking absolutely beautiful!!!!

Then the bride takes the stage with the girls.

The boys were up next.

Que the guests. They just lined right up for us!

While we didn't have the traditional soloist at the wedding, we did have a lot of music. Here is our string duet, or as I like to call them "our chamber orchestra"!

More updates to come later today! Check back in!! :)

pics vol I

Well, I know people have been waiting to see pictures so I'll get those posted! :)

I'm going to start with the outside and decor pics, then later today we'll post a few more times with some from before the ceremony, during & right after the ceremony, then from the reception.

I like both of these pics because they show the uniqueness of the church, but also show some of the work that young men in the church have done for their Eagle Scout projects at the church.

These two are some of the fun bicycle planters we were able to find to decorate with. We had a lot of fun with them, and hope that you did too! While I'm thinking about it, if you would like a marigold, as seen at the reception, please let us know. We seem to still have a lot of them around! :)


We spent the weekend running for Erik and working on band props. Saturday morning found our family split between projects with Erik and Brian helping on an Eagle project while my mom and I and the band boosters painted props in the parking lot at Southeast. In the afternoon we met up with Diane and Greg so that we could spend the evening with Dava (I always love the opportunity to watch children's movies!) and then Brian and I hosted dinner on our deck with my mom and Roger. Dava enjoyed having 4 adults completely focused on her, but we would expect nothing less of the princess.

Sunday morning was the Hall/Moock marathon at church. All four of us played bells during the the first two services and then Erik sang at third service. In the afternoon Brian mowed all three yards and I went back to finish painting band props. We were able to meet with Bill Wiley briefly at church and we got our wedding pictures... which are AWESOME!!! Brian will post 4-6 this morning, more this afternoon and the more again tonight... there are some fantastic shots!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Down - Two to Go

Brian and I each took a final last night, I have one more tonight and he has one assignment left and then this quarter will be done, and not a moment to soon =) Tonight is parents night with the marching band. Erik is in the front line percussion so we just stand next to his instrument and hope for the best, the other parents have to try to follow their kids during the formation changes on the field in the marching program. Honestly, it's among the funniest nights of the year. If you're in town stop by Seacrest field, it's worth the trip... and the kids love having a big audience to embarrass their parents.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Reserve Knights lost their first game last night, but they went down fighting =) and they're still eligible to be city champions. The Bearcats won 15 to 10. For those who saw the Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech game on Saturday it was much the same =) We're continuing to stay busy (of course) and will get some more pictures up once finals are over. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, September 21, 2009


This week is going to be gone in a blink!!! I have two finals due Wednesday and a project due tonight and Brian has two finals due on Wednesday and he had a paper due last night. Then we'll have a little better than a week off before school starts up again. Tonight Erik's reserve football team plays at 5, it's their first home game of the season. Tomorrow we all have practice, Christi, Brian and Nancy bells and Erik has pit (frontline) practice. Wednesday night is parent's night for band, Thursday night is the Southeast Homecoming Game for Erik and I and popcorn checkout for Brian and Friday night Erik will be going to the Homecoming Dance with friends. This weekend with any luck we'll be able to get the house unpacked, meet with the photographer, and spend some time having fun as a family. Keep your fingers crossed =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Closer to the Weekend

Didn't get this update in yesterday morning, but, Tuesday night the Reserve team beat up the Northeast Rockets pretty bad. Final score was 35 - 7 Knights =) Erik's team is pretty excited! Tonight the boys are going to the scout meeting and I'm going to get started on my finals. Brian has two papers and I have to finish my project for Bioethics and take exams in both classes. We'll get some more pictures up over the weekend. If you happened to catch anything great during the wedding on a personal camera we would love a copy =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pics anyone?

We are waiting on the pictures from the disposable camera's as well as our photographer, but here are 4 pictures to get your appetite going! :)
First we have the girls looking pretty before all the fun begins!

Next we have Christi, Erik & Brian after the ceremony.

Then the entire wedding party after the ceremony.

Last we have Christi and Brian's FIRST dance at the reception.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

My ear is still making me a little crazy. It's better and the antibiotics are helping with every dose but I'm ready for it to be over! Brian's stomach was upset last night but he seems a little better this morning. Hopefully we're on the right track to wellness. Lincoln continues to see cases of H1N1 and Brian is getting his seasonal flu shot Friday.

Erik had piano last night and tonight the Reserve Knights are taking on the Northeast Rockets.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We Are In

We have furniture! The cat seems to like it but sometimes its hard to tell with her! Brian and his parents did the great majority of the work since I have the most horrific ear infection. I think I was asleep more than I was awake the whole weekend. Tonight if I feel a little better I'll get some pictures up, it really was a beautiful wedding.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Five Yard Penalty - Delay of Game

Yesterday the guys from Nebraska Furniture Mart came and couldn't get the furniture down the stairs. A better statement would be that they didn't even try. But they got their tape measures out =) They will be back tomorrow to move the sectional in through the basement windows. They had problems with impatience! In the afternoon the movers will get the air hockey table, the tv, entertainment center and treadmill moved down. I doubt they'll be as cranky. Once we're all in Erik and his friends should be able to have lots of fun! Hopefully they'll let us come down and enjoy it from time to time as well =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the Move

Last night we got to watch the Southeast Reserve Knight's take on the Southwest Reserve SilverHawks. It was a great game with Southeast winning 35-21. Erik got a lot of playing time and we agreed sometimes its better if his mother doesn't watch! Today Nebraska Furniture Mart will be delivering our new basement furniture and we'll be getting ready to move into the house... SO exciting!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to Reality

Back to work... we seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties on the blog... hopefully we'll provide a better update and pictures soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It was a Beautiful Day!!!!

Ceremony went off yesterday at 4pm without any problems. We are however, having problems getting the slide show and video posted the way we wanted to. We are currently on our mini-honeymoon and will work hard to get them posted as soon as we return. Thank you so much for everything you all have done. It meant so much to Christi and I to see and hear from all of you.

Mr. & Mrs. Moock

Thursday, September 3, 2009


We were scheduled for poolside cabana massages but the weather wasn't super cooperative so they put us together in the massage room inside. Brian went first and fell asleep and during my turn we talked about swine flu, wedding stuff and Mr. Young's 35th wedding anniversary. They had a potluck wedding reception with a high school marching band in Omaha, Mr. Young was their director and they wanted to be at the wedding badly.

Today we're both working half days and then we have mile long to do lists. We will see some of you today, some of you tomorrow and almost all of you on Saturday and we can hardly wait! Drive safe! And bring a poncho... Lincoln has some rain in the forecast. But we'll still have the most wonderful time!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The space across the hall from my office is being renovated for another department which is fantastic, however, they started construction this morning and they're using a "floor grinder" which makes it sound as though a plane is about to land above my office. I have never heard a more terrible noise. It's been going on for about 3 hours now and I have ear plugs in. They are estimating being done in three days. Have I mentioned how happy I am about not working Friday and only working a half day on Thursday? And this is our department's busiest week every month. Holy Buckets!!!!

Closer and Closer

3 Days til the wedding, the electronic billboard I found so endearing just a few weeks ago feels more like a stopwatch chasing me through the city these days. Erik had field practice last night so we ran, and then we ran faster and then we didn't get into bed until 11:00 last night, and to be honest, I'm not sure what I typed for the last of my homework, because I think I did it in my sleep! Tonight we are going to try relaxing together with poolside cabana massages at a local spa. After we find Erik a ride home from football =) At least we're only working half days tomorrow, Brian's mom has the week off to assist us and once the brunch is over on Sunday we'll get a few days of nothing but rest and relaxation together!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Tuesday

So are you all packed and ready to come to the wedding? Did you pick up the dry cleaning? Do you know what shoes you're wearing/bringing? If you're all ready you're a step ahead of us =) Last night we had dinner with Brian's parents, worked on homework (all three of us) cleaned out the refrigerator, practiced our cupid shuffle and remembered that we had forgotten about punch for the wedding reception. Thank goodness for Brian's family! I'll have my mom call his mom today and they can talk punch. The good news is we have a punch bowl (Brian's grandparents) and somehow I got glasses for punch when I went to Sam's with Marla. Guess the powers that be were watching out for me.