Monday, September 28, 2009

pics vol II

Moving right along to the "before the ceremony" pics. Keep in mind, Christi and I decided VERY early on that we would not see each other on the big day, prior to the ceremony. This proved interesting that morning at the golf course, as I had to instruct Rich Lorenzen to be careful driving the golf cart as I was not to see the clubhouse! :)

Let's start with the bride, looking absolutely beautiful!!!!

Then the bride takes the stage with the girls.

The boys were up next.

Que the guests. They just lined right up for us!

While we didn't have the traditional soloist at the wedding, we did have a lot of music. Here is our string duet, or as I like to call them "our chamber orchestra"!

More updates to come later today! Check back in!! :)

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