Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Keep Working!!!!

We have a couple exceptionally busy weeks ahead.  Brian has his final in Omaha tomorrow morning, tonight I have 4 more chapters to read and an assignment to do.  Tomorrow is also the last night of scouts for the school year for all practical purposes. 

Next week I am working a lot of extra hours and trying to get my homework done and Brian will be trying to get ready to leave for scout camp. We will also spend part of the weekend trying to get the band ready for the College World Series and getting yard work done at all three houses.  I'm looking forward to a week of vacation more this year than usual =)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Cap, A Gown and a BIG Smile

Saturday was Erik's graduation.  Saturday morning we rolled out of bed very early to finish getting the house ready for the party.  After spreading mulch, cleaning toilets, making several gallons of ice tea and getting Erik into his cap and gown we traveled downtown and hiked 2 blocks in 93 degree heat to the ceremony.  This was the last graduation for Dr. Hunter Pirtle - the LSE principal for the last 19 years.  The senior choir sang together one last time and the 4 senior graduation speakers did a tremendous job.  I cried through almost all of Alex Rousseau's speech and it was easy to decide that we would have to buy the video. 

After the ceremony Erik, Jeff, and Brian went downtown to pick up the root beer keg and all of Erik's grandma's and his aunt Marla helped us finish last minute food preparation.  Guests began arriving a few minutes before 6 and the last group left at 10:45.  Everyone enjoyed the evening and we served more than 20 pounds of pulled pork, 4 bags of coleslaw, several watermelons, three pans of ice cream lasagna and 5 gallons of root beer.  We had a wonderful time and he enjoyed getting to see so many friends and family.

Sunday we spent the afternoon party hopping and Monday we tried to recover after the long weekend.

One of Brian's finals is complete and the other will happen Thursday morning.  It looks like we have a busy summer ahead but it will all work out =)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Keep it Clean

I remember as a kid getting ready for family holiday parties when my grandmother would clean every square inch of the house and tell me that my job was to keep it clean for the day or two that would lapse before the event.  We have nearly reached that stage at our house.  There are a few more important but minor cleaning jobs to be done and food preparation is well on it's way.  Erik is officially done with school.  It feels odd that Erik is done with Lincoln Public Schools and that this fall he will start college.  I am SO excited for his future and know that he will have a wonderful experience and a fantastic life ahead of him.  In two more days we'll celebrate the end of this experience and prepare for the next phase!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Scent of Cedar

Last night our amazing neighbors Tom and Toni came over and we finished the edging and spread all the mulch in the front flower beds.  Tonight before the Senior Athletic Recognition night we will see if there are any spots that need a little extra and the remaining mulch will be used on the side of the house and in the flower bed we did last summer.  It's unbelievable that we are down to the last few days before graduation.  Tomorrow we'll have pork cooking at our house all day long and then we'll finish last minute cleaning and cooking.  Erik has Calculus, AP Lit and Team Sports finals today.

I think the reason that the school's plan senior events one or two nights a week during the last 3 weeks of school is to make parents take a night to slow down and stop frantically getting the house ready for graduation =)  At least that's what I'll be telling myself tonight when I'm relaxing in the cold auditorium waiting for my senior to be recognized. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Eagle Presentation

Erik is missing all of 6th period, and part of 7th period today to teach therapists at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital to play the drums he built, bought, and had donated for the pediatric drumming circle.  Once this is completed, he will turn in his Eagle workbook, go to his Eagle Board of Review and we'll have another party =)  It has been fun to watch him think through things and get his materials together.

Last night I had to watch Contagion as part of my homework for the week and then I wrote a paper about lead poisoning.  Tonight I have to review a recent news article about a public health issue and then we'll see about some yard work.  I really have to finish reading my textbooks too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a Wookie!

Last night was the very last choir concert.  I only cried a little bit!

The last song of the night for Court Choir (varsity co-ed) was a Star Wars Trilogy.  Erik auditioned for Chewbacca and got it so we made arrangements to rent the costume.  He looked really good in it and did a good job in his first role on stage.  Even though the costume was VERY hot.  Brian put a short video on Facebook and I'll try to get a picture on here.  It has been a great end to his high school experience.

The shampooing of the carpets has begun and I'm done planting - tonight Brian and Brian Spatz will be going to get the other cubic yard of mulch and I will commit the night to homework.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Preparing for the Future

This morning while getting ready for work I thought about the differences between Erik and I at high school graduation.  I finished a semester early and started to work full time, I actually had to take vacation for my graduation ceremony.  I also had a toddler, we celebrated my graduation and Erik's 1st birthday one weekend apart.  I wasn't sure what I wanted when I finished high school but Erik has as much direction now as I did at 25 or 30. 

I know that he will do well in college.  Of course I worry, every parent worries when their child leaves for college, especially when they move 4 hours away, but I have confidence that he will do well and find himself. 

Today I'll be off work early to shampoo carpets and continue efforts to prepare the house for graduation.  I'm sure his party will be a fun night for he and his guests and we are starting to receive lots of invitations so we'll have a busy weekend to celebrate.  Instead of thinking about all the work getting ready, I'm trying to think about this like I did with our wedding, it's only 11 more days until we get to party and have fun, and all of this hard work will be worthwhile!

Monday, May 14, 2012

12 More Days of High School

It's hard to believe, especially since I can remember when he started kindergarten, but Erik has 9 more class days left until he will be done with high school.  We of course spent the weekend working on the house, homework, and Erik's Eagle Scout project.

Friday night our neighbor Tom came over and helped us to dig the trench on one side of the new landscaping, with any luck we'll finish the second half this evening.  Saturday morning Erik met with a group of scouts and built 4 "tape" drums and 3 can drums.  He has a few more things to build and then he'll train the physical therapists at Madonna to drum with different techniques.  Sunday morning we spent five hours at church, then took a nap and got ready for Mother's Day dinner at our house.  The boys bought me a "Toddy" for Mother's Day - it's a cold gravity brewer that makes coffee concentrate which can be used for hot of iced coffee.  You make a batch and it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. 

This week we have to finish the outside landscaping project, get the mowing done, shampoo the carpets and find the office (it's odd how messy that room can get in our house).  In addition to that, we have lots of evening commitments for music from LSE and Friday morning will be senior recognition.  It has gone by so fast! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Yes I Cried a Lot!

Last night was the very last high school band concert.  It was also the last concert for LSE principal Dr. Hunter Pirtle (HP).  Dr. Hunter Pirtle is a tremendous man who had support for every program at the school.  He made our jobs as booster presidents easier and I think every student knew who he was and that he was there for them.  At the end of the concert the band played the fight song for him and all the parents stood, clapped and shouted along.  I could have used a big box of tissues last night, and apparently still this morning. 

I didn't participate in band in high school, but Brian did and he remembers it all very warmly.  There is something amazing and powerful about being in a group of 400 people working towards a similar goal.  We are excited for the next stage in Erik's group but we will definitely miss our friends at LSE! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wait !Wait! I'm Not Ready

I have homework due tonight for school, and I'm not done with the reading.  The last band concert of the year (and the last high school one for Erik) is tonight, and I'm not done with the thank you cards.  Our department is moving in 4 weeks and I have 2 days worth of filing to do along with my regular work.  Graduation is in 16 days and I have an entire section of yard to work on, and I haven't started to clean the house yet.  I'm sure we'll pull it all together somehow, I just don't know how yet!  Last night the projects and errands started when I got off work and went until I fell into bed, tonight looks like more of the same, and we are skipping two things we're supposed to be at.... what a crazy season!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

17 Days Til Graduation

That can't really be possible can it?  This weekend I'm hoping that we can get things finished in the office.  I have given up the idea of painting anything in the house.  Tonight and tomorrow night we have many band commitments, but the graduation announcements were stuffed, sealed, labeled and stamped last night and this morning on the way to work I hit the post office. 

Last night, in addition to invitations, we had a nice birthday dinner with Roger, went to bell practice, mowed at home, took care of the new plants and ran a few errands.  Even though its 8 weeks away I'm ready for vacation and some time at the lake, even if I have to bring along my textbook!   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perfection Isn't Easy

A few weeks ago Erik brought home an envelope from school for the Chevy Perfection Isn't Easy Celebration.  To be selected students had to have 98% attendance during their senior year with no unexcused absences.  22 Students from Lincoln Southeast qualified but Erik was the only one who decided to go.  All the students who attended were entered into a drawing to win prizes ranging from $50 gift cards and external hard drives up to 32 inch LCD televisions and Apple iPods.  Erik was the first name drawn and when he stuck his hand in to pick his prize he pulled the 32 inch tv.  After they gave away all those prizes, they put the winners back in and drew for ten students to have a chance at winning a 2012 Chevy Cruz.  Once again, Erik was the first name called.  He didn't pick the right key to win but it was a pretty amazing night. 

We talked all the way home about the statistical probability of being drawn first in a crowd of 400 students twice in 90 minutes and asked him if he thought we should stop for the powerball on our way home.  It has been a very exciting senior year!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hot and Dirty

It was 90 degrees with high humidity both Friday and Saturday in Lincoln.  Brian and I visited every possible garden center and plant sale and Saturday afternoon I planted 22 new flowering plants in the landscape areas in front of the house.  There are rumors that a rogue bleeding heart from Jim and Becky's house will come over as well.  I have never been so dirty in my life but I think the final product will be beautiful.

Sunday Erik spent the day in Kansas City with Wind Ensemble and Brian and I worked on a few more outdoor projects.  The front and back outdoor light fixtures have been replaced and we have added a few more solar lighting options.  It has really come together nicely.  Tonight we have school and band responsibilities and hopefully we can get some of the trench dug for the edging.  I'm not sure I'm ready for grad school but it will begin tonight either way! 

I'll try to get a few pictures of the landscaping up this week.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Battle Wounds

I'm not sure I have a green thumb, but after this week I definitely have red arms.  I'm covered with little red nicks and scratches and I was bitten three times by some variety of insect.  As of last night at 7:30 all the bushy ground cover in our front flower beds is gone.  This afternoon I'll be trimming out the rest of the leafy green ground cover, raking out a few more leaves and adding 200 pounds of dirt to the area and with any luck Friday afternoon will be spent planting.  Last night we got just over an inch and a half of rain so hopefully the newly planted arrivals on the deck and in the back flower garden are enjoying it.  Our goal is to finish the front by the end of the weekend - if we make it I'll get some pictures up! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dancing, Riding, Making College Decisions

What a wild and busy weekend!  Erik has officially signed on at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa.  He is excited and so are they =)

Saturday the boys rode 20 miles and the scouts really kept a strong cadence finishing in just over 2 hours with their break time.  Brian is continuing to work hard with one of the scouts to build up more endurance. 

Saturday night Erik went to prom with a group of friends, then post prom where he enjoyed sumo wrestling and time with friends.  Sunday morning, after about 2 hours of sleep he got back into his tuxedo and sang with the church choir. 

Monday I took the day off work and spent a few hours getting the yard ready for graduation, tonight will be more of the same.  Some of these are projects that we have wanted to do since we bought the house so this is a great time to get through them.  Hopefully I'll get some time on the bike this weekend.