Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Cap, A Gown and a BIG Smile

Saturday was Erik's graduation.  Saturday morning we rolled out of bed very early to finish getting the house ready for the party.  After spreading mulch, cleaning toilets, making several gallons of ice tea and getting Erik into his cap and gown we traveled downtown and hiked 2 blocks in 93 degree heat to the ceremony.  This was the last graduation for Dr. Hunter Pirtle - the LSE principal for the last 19 years.  The senior choir sang together one last time and the 4 senior graduation speakers did a tremendous job.  I cried through almost all of Alex Rousseau's speech and it was easy to decide that we would have to buy the video. 

After the ceremony Erik, Jeff, and Brian went downtown to pick up the root beer keg and all of Erik's grandma's and his aunt Marla helped us finish last minute food preparation.  Guests began arriving a few minutes before 6 and the last group left at 10:45.  Everyone enjoyed the evening and we served more than 20 pounds of pulled pork, 4 bags of coleslaw, several watermelons, three pans of ice cream lasagna and 5 gallons of root beer.  We had a wonderful time and he enjoyed getting to see so many friends and family.

Sunday we spent the afternoon party hopping and Monday we tried to recover after the long weekend.

One of Brian's finals is complete and the other will happen Thursday morning.  It looks like we have a busy summer ahead but it will all work out =)

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