Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even more

I guess the band was on the Omaha TV last night too: (Note: They start out talking about the football game, but they do turn to the band during the story)

From the CBS station in San Diego:

Battle of the Bands

LSE participated in "The Battle of the Bands" yesterday. Here is some press from that.

First up NBC San Diego:

The second one is from the Omaha World Herald. A quick quiz question for you! Can you name that hand at the 26 second mark of the video? If not, you'll see him strutting his stuff at the 1:02 mark!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More LSE Band press

Here is another article in the Lincoln Journal-Star. Both pictures and video on this one:

Here is another one from the 10-11 folks (KOLN/KGIN). Both story and video (2) on this one:

They really are making a name for themselves. Christi and I are both VERY proud of the band and what they have accomplished!

Breaking News

The paper and one of the radio stations have had coverage... here's the article from today's paper!

and a report from the San Deigo paper:


Last night Erik called at 4:15 to share some AMAZING news!!! As I reported yesterday, the Cornhusker Marching Band was unable to get out of Lincoln with the storm. We knew that the kids would be practicing Hail Varsity to play during the game.... BUT..... yesterday afternoon the band director and then the band met with the president of the Holiday Bowl and were asked to perform in place of the UNL band. They will be getting all the VIP placement including playing for the pep rally before the game, sitting in the UNL band section during the game, playing March of the Cornhuskers, Hail Varsity and There is No Place Like Nebraska during the game and getting bowl shirts, hats, pins and patches. I'm not sure Erik has ever been so excited in his life, and to be honest, Brian and I are bursting at the seams with pride and excitement for him here at home! The game is tomorrow at 7pm central time on ESPN... enjoy =) If you are in town feel free to come over, we'll have snacks, drinks and non-stop coverage. So excited for Erik and the band. Can't hardly believe this opportunity!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Very Merry

Even a White Christmas can't get us down =) Thursday night we made it to all three services at church and enjoyed a houseful at dinner time. Friday morning when we woke up there was close to 8 inches on the ground and there was a blizzard warning in effect for most of Nebraska. Brian picked up my mom and his parents and brought everyone over for breakfast and presents. We had a great time and got some lovely and thoughtful gifts. In the afternoon we shuttled everyone back to their homes and picked up Jeff for dinner at Jim and Becky's house. It was a GREAT meal with a standing rib roast and then Erik, Jeff, Jim and I did dishes and watched a movie while Brian and Becky drove David to work and dropped off dinner at grandma and grandpa's house.

Saturday we got Erik ready for his trip to San Diego and in the middle of the night on Sunday we took him to Southeast and watched the bus get loaded. They landed without any excitement and seem to be having a great time. Sunday night we enjoyed Christmas with grandma and grandpa, Brian's Aunt Jenny and Uncle Brent, Jim, Becky, Jeff, David and his cousin Jessie, her boyfriend and his son. We laughed and ate and opened and enjoyed time with our families until it was time to get ready for bed.

As of last night, the official snow report for Lincoln is 12.8 inches and there's another storm scheduled for Wednesday. In December we've had 21 inches of snowfall, and unfortunately most of it is still on the ground. If you're coming to visit bring boots and a parka... we'll take care of the rest!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

If you're in the Midwest with us break out your long under ware, hold your babies close and put on the coffee and hot chocolate. We're gearing up in Lincoln for 6-14 inches of snow by Saturday morning depending on which weather person you listen to. Tonight Brian's family and a few of our friends are going to be stopping over for chili and potato soup and tomorrow morning we'll see if Santa has made it to our neck of the woods, there are still spots left at our table for breakfast and lunch if you need a place to spend Christmas Day. In the evening we're hoping to spend time with Brian's parents and grandparents.

Saturday I'm planning to spend the morning playing video games with Erik and in the afternoon we'll celebrate with some more Moock's (weather permitting) and then it will be time to get Erik packed up and ready for his trip. He's leaving from Southeast in the wee hours of the morning Sunday (at school at 2:30 am) and we'll be without him for a week. Hopefully the band will have a BLAST!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4:30.... AM

This morning the Southeast Marching Band made the news =) Here are the two links: - Christmas Music - Southeast Fight Song

They had to be at Southeast at 4:30 this morning to film but they are GREAT clips and the kids had a good time!

Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days til Christmas

Wow!!! I'm so glad that we're on winter break from school because I'm not sure we would get anything done otherwise! Saturday morning Brian and I ran errands and then I did some quilting with my mom and went to a pet party (its like pampered chef for animals) at Marla's house. I got a few gifts for our animals and a fancy football for Chantilly (Brian's parents boxer) from Erik - but don't tell her! In the evening we went to a graduation party at the Zimmer's. The second little boy I ever babysat (I still call him little John) graduated from Creighton Saturday and is planning to go to law school!

Sunday was the Christmas program at church. Erik, Brian and I read this week's advent verses and prayers and then we raced home to change and get ready for David's (Brian's little brother) college graduation party. We enjoyed an afternoon there with family and then packed up to go to bell practice, help my mom pick out her Christmas present and eat dinner together. Once we got home we finished Christmas letters, made a few small gifts and fell into bed.

Tonight I have a few things to pick up and my goal is to finish wrapping presents... we'll see how far I get. After that we'll package up the office gifts for my mom and I (snicker doodle chex mix, also popularly referred to as cinnamon crack) and try to get early bedtimes. Cross your fingers, the Midwest is gearing up for an ice storm so hopefully we'll still be mobile by the end of the week!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Grand Finale

It's finals week for Brian and Christi. We each have one assignment left and we can hardly wait to be done!!!

Last night the LSE Vocal Music groups put on their winter holiday concert and Madrigal Dinner. We had a LOT of fun as a family and then went home and finished the Christmas letter. We have started getting cards in the mail so we need to get ours out soon =)

Lincoln Public Schools have 4 more days before winter break and Erik seems to be looking forward to a week as a slug. The last two days Lincoln has seen high's in the teens and lows in the -3 to -5 range. If you have any extra sunshine please send it our way =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lets go bowling.....

For those that haven't been paying attention to college football this year, or haven't put things together, over the weekend a really cool thing happened.

Nebraska played Texas for the Big 12 championship. A win for NU would mean a trip to a BCS bowl game, a HUGE step from the loosing season a couple of years ago. A loss would most likely mean a trip to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego.

This is where it gets interesting! Last winter Erik's marching band at Lincoln Southeast had a vote amongst the families. They take a MAJOR trip every other year, and the two options this year were Hawaii, or the Holiday Bowl. With problems in the economy a majority voted for the Holiday Bowl.

Today's Lincoln Journal-Star has an article today about the band members, and parents, who had a hard time deciding if they wanted NU to win or lose last Saturday. You can find the article here:

Fast forward to the end of the game, and NU lost because of a rule in the rule book that most didn't know existed, much less it being used. With the loss they will be going to the Holiday Bowl. I encourage everyone to watch the game, and the half time show. Watch for Lincoln Southeast, and watch for the bass drummer with the biggest bass drum from LSE, and then scream at the top of your lungs...."LOOK I KNOW SOMEONE ON TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, December 7, 2009

How Much Snow???

Sunday after church it started snowing... if finally stopped in the middle of the night. Lincoln has about 2 inches. It was a good drill for our shovels and snowblowers. It was Brian's first dry run at snow removal for three houses. The final snow of the winter last year melted before we had a chance to scoop or snowblow at our new house. I had to be to work REALLY early for a physician meeting.

Tomorrow they are threatening a much bigger storm system with 6-10 inches possible for Lincoln. Erik and Brian's mom are both crossing their fingers for a snow day. I am thanking my lucky stars that we have two four wheel drive vehicles =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Star City Parade

This was taken just outside Pershing center in Lincoln today, the Southeast Marching Band. Pay attention to the bass drum section, and see if you recognize anyone you know!

This was taken while they marched along O Street. Video isn't very good, but music was!