Monday, December 21, 2009

4 days til Christmas

Wow!!! I'm so glad that we're on winter break from school because I'm not sure we would get anything done otherwise! Saturday morning Brian and I ran errands and then I did some quilting with my mom and went to a pet party (its like pampered chef for animals) at Marla's house. I got a few gifts for our animals and a fancy football for Chantilly (Brian's parents boxer) from Erik - but don't tell her! In the evening we went to a graduation party at the Zimmer's. The second little boy I ever babysat (I still call him little John) graduated from Creighton Saturday and is planning to go to law school!

Sunday was the Christmas program at church. Erik, Brian and I read this week's advent verses and prayers and then we raced home to change and get ready for David's (Brian's little brother) college graduation party. We enjoyed an afternoon there with family and then packed up to go to bell practice, help my mom pick out her Christmas present and eat dinner together. Once we got home we finished Christmas letters, made a few small gifts and fell into bed.

Tonight I have a few things to pick up and my goal is to finish wrapping presents... we'll see how far I get. After that we'll package up the office gifts for my mom and I (snicker doodle chex mix, also popularly referred to as cinnamon crack) and try to get early bedtimes. Cross your fingers, the Midwest is gearing up for an ice storm so hopefully we'll still be mobile by the end of the week!

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