Thursday, August 9, 2012

Muscle Beach

Last night when Brian and I went to lift weights there were SERIOUS weight lifters at the Y - it looked like body building night.  I struggled though my 30 minutes and was sore and tired at the end.

I am meeting with my Bellevue University advisor on Monday afternoon but I think I will be changing colleges.  While I knew that my class would be the "beta" group at Concordia, their lack of communication and difficultly in pre-planning has been frustrating at best.  One of the primary reasons that I chose Concordia was the availability of the program director and his focus on clinical informatics, however, he recently resigned, so at this point, I'm not sure the aggravation is worth it for my future plans especially since it no longer closely matches my goals for an IT focus. 

Saturday has come so fast - Erik will start at Simpson and suffer through a few weeks of football camp before school starts.  Hopefully we have everything he needs, and if we don't - we'll be up to see him in 2 weeks =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Saturday afternoon was Erik's Eagle ceremony.  I was certain that I would bawl since I cried reading the script but I made it through just fine.  He had a good turnout and really enjoyed himself. 

Friday after work I did the Bride Ride and didn't realize until I got home and went to take it off that I rode without my helmet.  Thankfully I wasn't injured in any way!  Saturday morning I went to meet Susan for a walk but the weather intervened and we only did 30 minutes.  Later in the morning I took Cache for a walk through the cemetery and Sunday we went for a family bike ride after church.  The bridge has FINALLY re-opened so we rode from our house to the zoo and back.  I had BAD leg cramps on the way home and I'm still a little tight this morning so hopefully a walk with Cache this afternoon and plenty of water will help get things evened out again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just Keep Moving

It has been a CRAZY busy week!  Thursday after work I made it through another 30 minutes of swimming laps and Friday I went for a short bike ride with the boys - we did the quick 6, which is slightly shorter at the moment due to bridge construction and then Brian and I took care of grocery shopping. 

Saturday morning I met Susan Z at the trail head for the Jamaica North trail and we walked six miles seeing teeny tiny tree frogs, baby black tree snakes, 8 deer, an indigo bunting and two herds of wild turkey's.  I was sweaty but happy at the end.  That night we went to a shrimp boil and had a fun and enjoyable evening with other band parents and friends.

Sunday morning Brian, Erik and I rode 12 miles before church and then I spent a lot of time napping.

Monday was a long day at work so Cache got a walk and last night I took to the pool for laps and water aerobics.  It was crowded and unbelievably noisy but I was worn out and slept like a rock!  Tonight we go back for weight lifting and this weekend will be another long ride.  Hopefully all of this will help me to be ready for the Tri in June!