Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Kind of Ceremony

The trainers aren't up yet - but we have a good reason =) Brian and I will be graduating from college on Saturday and have planned a little get together at our house to celebrate, ergo, no trainers until after the party.

It is very exciting to get ready for the ceremony. We are planning to go up early Saturday morning to get lined up and have lunch with our parents afterward. This will be our practice run for Erik's graduation from high school this spring and our graduate programs in 2014.

It's funny, I'm excited, nervous and so glad to be done!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not a Resolution

I've never been much of a resolution person, and I'm not all in for the "life changes" idea preached by every talk show guest during the first week of the year. I really do want to ride 50 miles this year. Brian will be putting our trainers up soon, and we won't be presidents of anything, so our schedule should be more accommodating. Once I can get going on the trainer I'll start blogging ride information and my training plan for summer... maybe I'll even get wild and crazy and do an indoor century.... one can just never tell =)