Friday, May 31, 2013

Not a Baby Anymore

Erik turns 19 today.  It seems almost surreal.  I swear he was a baby just a few weeks ago! 

Tonight we are taking he and his friend Nick up to Council Bluffs to see Public Enemy, Ice Cube, De La Soul and LL Cool J.  It should be a really fun night! 

This weekend Brian has a 25 mile scout ride, we have many church responsibilities and it is finals weekend for school.  Brian only has one class to finish and he'll be done with his MBA - the time has REALLY flown and his parents are so proud of him for going back and finishing his education and pursuing a masters.  It will be exciting to see what the next 5 years holds for us.  I'm sure there will be many adventures!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two Spoiled Dogs Live in This House

Brian is working out in North Platte this week and the dogs and I are on our own.  Usually they will sleep through the night for me, although they RARELY offer him that luxury.  Last night they decided to push the envelope.  At 2:30 Cache woke up and barked for 10 minutes at FULL VOLUME - so we all got up, both dogs went out for a potty break and we marched straight back to bed.  No discussion.

At 4 Roo Roo woke up and started whining at full volume then proceeded to throw every single toy and treat out of his kennel in a show of protest.  At 4:30 we all got out of bed and went outside.  When we came back in we tried chew time but instead Roo Roo decided he would rather bite holes in my socks while I got ready for work.  The dogs went back outside while I packed my lunch and Roo Roo practiced his middle of the night howling and barking and refused to come in the house.  At 5:30 both dogs went into their kennels with treats and started barking all over again.  I hope it was hot enough that everyone has their air on like we do so they didn't wake up the whole neighborhood.  Tonight we're going to play outside, and we'll see if my knee is strong enough for a walk to give them some sniffing time.  We will have to break the middle of the night socialization and investigation habits so that we can all survive! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day Mud Bath

Our mother's day weekend was a bit of a blur, with homework Friday and Saturday, a scout ride and a beautiful walk Saturday, and church, homework, lunch with family and then a tour of historical homes on Sunday.  Sunday during the home tour I slid down a muddy embankment and twisted my knee.  Today things are still pretty painful - but we're hoping for the best.  We'll see how training goes this week.  I had hoped to get a few longer runs in and was planning a bike ride with my mom Tuesday night and some yard work at all three houses. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Training 2013

My recovery after the hernia surgery really hasn't gone the way that I planned.  I am finally not tender on a regular basis and feel mostly like myself - so we are back to brick training =)  With 7 day a week exercise.  I will sadly not be doing the Norfolk triathalon in June but am hoping to do a women's only event in Omaha in August. 

Tonight I'm planning a bike ride with my mom and hopefully the weather will cooperate - although I know I should be training in all kinds of weather!  I am looking forward to getting in some training time with Erik since he'll be home for the summer in 11 days!