Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lift Weights to Lose Weight

Last night after a VERY long day at work Erik and I ate a quick dinner and then raced over to the Y to lift weights.  I'm still a little sore this morning and my muscles were steaming hot last night - hopefully all that work will get my metabolism running higher! 

Our house got about a tenth of an inch of rain last night which seems to have increased the humidity but not really helped the dray grass and plants around the city.  Hopefully we'll get a break from the heat soon. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Six in the Lane

Last night I went for my first training swim.  I was able to swim successfully for the full 30 minutes and I was SUPER red in the face from exertion when I got out.  Unfortunately I went during a VERY popular pool time so there were six of us in the only open lap lane and we all swam with varying levels of skill.  While I was in Brian went for a hot almost 6 mile ride.  I think that the training will be a good thing and I'm hopeful that my body will be willing to drop some fat!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cache Wanted to Quit Early

Last night we didn't head out for our walk until 9:10 - and it was still very hot.  Cache was ready to quit about 10 minutes in but we encouraged him to get to the lower part of the park where it was a little cooler and then he remembered the route through the neighborhood and tugged on the leash for awhile. 

It was good to get out and sweat a little =)  the next three days of training are inside and Thursday night is the Cake concert in Council Bluffs so our first week back from vacation is a whirlwind, as always!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Time to Train

It is time to work harder to detach my body from it's overly intimate relationship with my fat.  Today I will begin a triathlon training program so that in June of 2013 I can complete the "long" distance Norfolk triathlon.  I am planning to switch over to a diet slightly higher in protein and will train 7 days each week, 2 swimming, 2 running, 2 cycling and one session with weights.

I of course decided to start this in the middle of summer when it is roasting hot and Lincoln is under a heat advisory.  Tonight, after dark, Cache and I will take a walk so that we can ready ourselves for the return to running and with any luck I'll be able to swim tomorrow.  Today is the first day back from our Ely vacation so all I really want is a nap =) 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brian is 35 Now

Happy Birthday today to an amazing man!  Even though we are rushing to celebrate tonight hopefully we can celebrate next week on vacation and make you feel special. 

It's been a CRAZY couple weeks and the next two days are so overstuffed with things to do I'll need a vacation before our vacation.  Camp Van Vac here we come!