Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Fine Night for Knights

Poor blog - you fell into neglect again this year!

Erik has had the MOST amazing year. Last night the LSE Varsity football team won the State Championship 21 - 9 against Omaha Burke - we are still floating on Cloud 9! We are so proud of these boys!

In the last 4 years, this team has only lost 2 games, they have been city champs four years in a row, and this year they clinched city, district, conference and state - WAY TO GO KNIGHTS!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Last night when I got home Erik was ready to practice some snaps for football. He is thinking seriously about going to Hastings and being the special teams long snapper so we're working on it.

After he was done practicing I jumped on my bike planning for 10 miles, at the 3 mile mark I realized I hadn't brought a drink and the humidity was high so I did the quick 6 and headed home to finish making dinner. My right leg is still a little tight so hopefully a week of vacation will help to rest it and get it ready for more training. After dinner I met my mom for a pedicure (you have to have pretty toes for Ely!) and a little light shopping and then the dogs and I had a nice long walk.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I Didn't Make It

Saturday was supposed to be our 50 mile ride. Unfortunately, my body was done after 30 miles. For the first time ever my legs cramped up. We were about 5 miles from home when it started and had planned to ride there for a sandwich and drink refills before finishing the last 20 miles. The cramps really are nothing short of torture. I took in salt, liquids, potassium and calcium in an effort to get back out but couldn't get over the hump. Yesterday and today Lincoln is under a heat advisory and we're leaving Friday for vacation - hello Ely, I've been missing you!!! I'm not sure what kind of miles I'll be able to get in this week. My new goal is 50 in one day for our anniversary weekend, 2 months from now. So I'll just have to keep on training =)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Rides - One Night

Last night Brian got back in to town surprisingly early so once I started laundry, and cleaned the toilets, we went out for 15.5 miles. The interesting thing on the trail yesterday was a woman carrying her pet bunny. He was black and white and super fat, pretty adorable really. It was a little steamy at the end but it was a good ride followed by salsa chicken, rice, fresh corn and the nicest cantaloupe of the week. While we were eating my mom called and wanted to ride too so I met her in the garage and we cruised around the cemetery for almost 3 miles.

After the second ride I did more laundry, took a GLORIOUS shower and spent some quality time with my textbook. The reality of my Capstone project is setting in. The next few weeks I'm going to have to REALLY buckle down and spend all my free time typing, researching and revising. With any luck this is the last year I'll have to share my vacation with my homework =)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beginners Luck

Last night I rode 15.8 in 90 minutes. It was pretty steamy and there seemed to be tons of dads out with kids working on riding their bikes on the trails.

The ride out went well and I was happy that none of the underpasses were flooded. On the way home I stopped at the gas company and the cable company to pay the bills and then got caught in Beginners Luck during the last mile of the ride. While I think Beginners Luck is awesome having 400 "new" runners in a small stretch of trail at the same time really bogs down the system. They meet at the high school down the street from us with 200 going North and 200 going East. I made my way around the largest part of the group and rode in the street instead of on the trail from the baseball field to the turn onto 14th Street.

It has been a wet week for Lincoln with nearly 3 inches so far this week in our rain gage. Hopefully it will be nice and dry for my long ride on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Trails to You

Saturday morning we yawned and stretched, and loaded up on cereal, toast and peanut butter and then jumped on the bikes for a trip to Cortland. Our friend David Hefley told Brian he would catch up with us and about 10 miles into the ride we looked back to see him racing toward us. I always thought that I liked trail riding best because the highway is hilly, or because I was afraid of getting hit by a semi. Saturday I learned that I like trail riding best because there are a lot of interesting things to see on the trail.

On Highway 77 between Lincoln and Cortland (40 miles round trip) there was a lot of road kill, a limited amount of property, one man-made lake with people fishing, a LOT of road kill, the hood ornament from a newer Toyota, a slew of motorcycles, and some other cyclists to wave at. On the trails there are runners, walkers, all size and variety of dog, pretty yards, funny yards, memorial sculptures, little league games and neighborhood parks. Having lots of things to see and familiar landmarks helps the ride to go quickly for me. I suspect that if I rode the same stretch of highway regularly I would learn to like the familiarity and develop landmarks, but the road kill appearance and stench would likely do me in over time. We'll try some more highway riding this summer, but I think deep down I'm really a trail rat.

Sunday we took the dogs for long walks but didn't ride and yesterday, early in the morning, we did the quick 6 up to Shopko. Tonight is all about mowing yards so the next ride will be Wednesday. Hope this finds everyone with all their fingers and toes!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Go Links!

Last night we discussed an 8 mile ride, since it was 96 - with a severe heat advisory (do they have those in places where it's hot all the time??) but after talking to the band treasurer, and deciding on a plan to trade off money (band deposits from me to her, and money for a scout sash from her to me) we decided to meet at Lincoln High.

The first mile was astoundingly hot, then we got to the spot on the trail where there seems to be cool air almost all the time. I'm sure that this has been studied by someone, I would love to know what causes those pockets of coolness. After that I was warm for the rest of the ride. The rest of the evening was spent on homework and Brian took the dogs out for a VERY hot walk where they were both frightened by fireworks.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Preparing for the Highway

Last night we rode 10 miles with only a few stops. If I were thinner I would have lobbied to increase it a mile and grab a cold beer at the Press Box, but I'm still fighting to get my thyroid pounds off - so no extras during the week!

This weekend we are planning to ride from our house to Cortland and back. That's about 42 miles. There are a few gas stations along the way to keep us hydrated and I'm trying to find out if there is somewhere there to eat to make it a destination ride. I haven't ridden on the highway since the summer before our wedding, it seems like a long time ago, even though it really hasn't been. I'm sure we'll do fine. We'll definitely be safer from fireworks there than we will be on the trails.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Trekking the Trail

My bike was ready for pick-up on Friday and Brian and I rode 10 miles to make sure I wouldn't need any adjustments. Saturday morning it was POURING rain so we spent part of the day running errands, getting groceries and I worked on my homework.

Sunday morning was the 9th annual Trail Trek ride in Lincoln - routes range from 10 miles to 36 miles and at the end of the event there is lunch and sometimes live music. Erik voted for the 25 mile ride this year, and since Brian would have to pick his parents up at the Omaha airport in the afternoon we decided to ride the basic 25 mile route with a few modifications. We rode from our house, down to A Street and out to Holmes Lake dog park - from there we climbed the hill up to 84th Street and stopped for a sponsored break at the Mopac trail head. We all added some extra fluids and had a snack before heading downtown. Erik hadn't been on the Antelope Valley Trail yet and he enjoyed it on the way back home. After 26.2 miles, we showered quickly and then headed down to the "race start" for lunch and the chance to win a bike. There were legion playoff games going on at Haymarket Park and unfortunately it was nearly impossible to hear the PA system over the music being played for the game. Sadly we didn't win anything but we still had a nice time. The rest of the day was dedicated to homework and rest. Last night there were terrific storms in the area and we got three inches of rain - so there will be no mowing tonight, and I'm not sure which route we'll take for our evening ride!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Get a Grip

For the last few years I have been whining about the rear derailer on the Giant (the bike I ride more for training). Last weekend when I blew my rear tire Brian had to put the chain back on afterwards and ever since the derailer has been better. I complimented him on the fix and we moved on.

Yesterday we planned a ride to Devaney and back - with trail construction its about 17 miles round trip, regularly it's closer to 18. All was well on the way out and things seemed ok on the ride back until we crossed the bridge over 27th and Hwy 2. Brian was behind me and my shift seemed to lock up. I couldn't get into 5th gear or 7th gear and it seemed like I was sticking between gears. We pulled off the trail at Essex and Brian checked out my bike while I checked out a garage sale. We couldn't see any real problems with the chain and Brian was able to shift the bike with a little extra pressure (read in that my hands were tired and I had worked all day, so maybe I was just being a weiner). We got back on the bikes and within a block the problems were back so we decided that I would ride to Joy Ride and let the mechanic check it out while Brian rode home to get the car. The first guy at Joy Ride took the same path I had and looked over the chain but when Dave (the best bike guy EVER) took a look at it he realized I had a broken grip shift. My bike got to spend the night and I'll get it picked up this afternoon. Poor baby, this year its gotten a new chain, two new "tires", one new tube, something else in the "cog" and now a new shift. I hope it feels better =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Forgetful Jones

For Monday's ride I left home without my sunglasses - with the rain it was for the best. Yesterday afternoon I left home without my water bottle. Thankfully at all the "anticipated" stops there wasn't any traffic so cruised through and didn't reach down for a drink until I was home. Don't worry, I re-hydrated after the ride!

Yesterday offered 30 mph southwest winds, today will offer 30 mph northwest winds. Even though I know it's good for me, I still don't like wind training. I guess it's kind of the Brussels Sprouts of bike riding!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Before the Storm

Yesterday when I got off work it was sticky and cloudy, perfect conditions for storms in the Midwest. I raced home, changed clothes, let the dogs out and jumped on my bike. Every mile or so it would rain for 2 minutes or less. I detoured around lots of road construction and made it to church in about 45 minutes to get Erik's car home. Today or tomorrow we'll take it over to TO Haas for new tires.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to get my homework submitted before the storms became too intense since I was concerned about losing power. Cache was convinced that barking at the thunder would scare it into being quiet so we all went to bed early and this morning both dogs were happy to go out in light rain. Hopefully I'll be off a little early again today and get a quick ride in. The weatherman is predicting 15-30 mph wind so I'll have to pick my route carefully.

Monday, June 20, 2011

It was a Real Blowout

Friday I spent the afternoon engaged in my textbook and got Erik and his friend Nick ready to go to the Saltdog's game. I took in lots of fluids, rested, took the dogs for a walk and contemplated my paper. My plan was to get up at 4:30 Saturday morning and be on the bike by 6, that would give me time to eat, grease my chain and get centered to ride 40 miles. When I got up at 4:30 it was pouring down rain. I decided I would sleep another hour and get on the bike at 6:30. At 5:30 it was raining even harder and the lighting looked really close. I decided to sleep another half hour and get on the bike at 7. At 6 it had transitioned to a light rain, the air was very thick and we had just over and an inch and a half in the rain gage. I decided to eat breakfast and re-consider my routes - since my initial plan had me traveling under a few bridges. At 7 Brian decided we should probably ride Sunday instead so we went and got groceries.

Saturday I worked on homework, finished getting ready for Father's Day and got the laundry back under control, not a day wasted but not 40 miles either. Sunday morning I got up at 4:30 with a plan to be on the bike at 6. We had a little last minute drama with Father's Day lunch preparations but by 6:20 I was on the bike planning to cruise the first 20 miles myself with a round trip to Devaney. At the five mile mark I was checking out my Cat Eye (bike computer) and thinking how cool it was that the little bench we usually take a break at on the way home is exactly 5 miles from our house. Seconds later there was an incredible hissing sound followed immediately by thump-thump, thump-thump. I jumped off the bike and sure enough my back tire was completely flat.

I called for a rescue and Brian took me home to get my tire changed. After that I decided that Sunday would be best spent writing my paper - so my total mileage for the week was 49 - 26 miles short of the 75 mile per week goal. This week Erik is in Schuyler but with any luck Brian will be home, and Sunday we're all riding Trail Trek. The metric is getting closer all the time. At least I'm getting miles in during the week. Maybe this weekend I can ride 40 Saturday and 30 Sunday to get a better feel for what the metric will be like!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bride Rides and Dog Bags

I honestly don't know what my problem is, sometimes I'm a super dork! Last night I decided to ride the Bride Ride - it's almost exactly 8 miles and I wanted a short ride, but didn't want to ride the big hill on the Quick Six. I don't know why I always think the Bride Ride is a good idea when my legs are already tired. At the end of the first two miles I was panting and miserable. The wind was 17 mph and in my face the whole way, there weren't any cute ducks in the first stretch and it was hot. I had leftover pasta for dinner so I didn't bring emergency nutrition and I just wasn't feeling it. At the top of the last hill in that section I got my legs back and by the end of the third mile I was feeling much better about the world. So much better that I decided to explore the Tierra Trail (which is closed halfway in) to make the ride exactly 8 miles. I panted hard up Tipperary but never lost my speed and cruised easily until I hit the baseball fields, where the wind met me again and tortured me on my way up the hill.

After I got home I decided the dogs would benefit from a quick walk. Unfortunately at the top of our block I used up the last dog poop bag. Then I decided we would do the really short walk since I didn't have anything to clean up with if Cache needed to go or Ozzy needed to go again. Of course, that meant that 1 block later Cache did indeed have to go. And then another block later Ozzy had to go again (2 per walk is his normal). So they got their exercise, and I got to leave them in the nice air conditioned house to walk back with a bag and get the rest of the poop picked up. The next dog bag dispenser will be clear - or have a counter on it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Gu It

Last night I tried Gu for the very first time. It went OK. I was worried from the horror stories that I wouldn't be able to swallow it or that it would make me feel really thirsty. It actually increased my saliva by a bit. I did it at the turnaround, at the bottom of the Holmes Lake Dam (the Damn Hill) and drank about half a bottle with it. Brian will be watching for a case of it to go on sale.

Post ride I was miserable for awhile, lots of right leg tightness and some calf cramps that didn't really resolve with liquid. After a hot shower I felt more human and I slept like a rock. We'll see if the rain cooperates with me riding today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Pay the Bills

Even though the 30 rides in 30 days challenge is over I'm still trying to use the bike to help with errands. Last night I rode 11.2 miles in right about an hour, stopping to pay the cable bill on the way home. I picked an east/west route since there was a north wind when I left the house. Sadly, the minute I turned east the wind did too so I rode home into a moderate west wind.

Erik survived the second night of football camp, Cache is sleeping through the night, and Brian is struggling with hotel internet in Des Moines. Tonight Erik and I will meet my mom for dinner and then I'll get in a long ride while he goes to camp. Sunday will be 5 months until I am COMPLETELY done with college!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last night was Erik's first night of football camp. He had a good time and thinks he learned some useful tools. They did a lot of drills. Before he left I rode the quick 6 and finished homework. Brian arrived safely in Des Moines and spent a little time on the exercise bike last night so that he can get some training before the ride on Saturday.

This weekend is the 40 mile ride. I've been pondering a million different routes so we'll see what I decide to ride. With any luck there will be a Dairy Queen somewhere along the route.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A College Graduate!!!!

Saturday morning I climbed out of bed and slurped down cereal and toast with peanut butter and got myself cetered for the long ride. Erik got up and ate so that he would be ready to take the ACT, and Brian made sure that the bikes were ready.

We had planned to ride a Trail Trek route but Brian ended up feeling yucky from not riding all week so he rode the first 12 miles with me and then I headed down the Antelope Valley Trail on my own. Brian changed clothes quickly and sagged for me at Devaney and at the post office and with a riding time around 3.5 hours I made it 36 miles. I had some leg cramps coming off the bike so did a lot of funny stretching in the garage before we met Jeff for lunch at Braeda. Honestly, it was the best macaroni and cheese I've ever eaten in my life. Shortly after lunch I took a quick nap and took the rest of the weekend to recover. Total distance for last week was - 80 miles - so I exceeded my distance goal of 75 miles per week!

As of last night, about 11, Brian is done with college!!!! He is still waiting for the grade for his Capstone but the general impression is that all is well =) As long as I get everything done, we'll walk across the stage together in December to get our diploma's. Pretty awesome!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Home of the Huskers

Yesterday when I left the house I wasn't sure how far I would ride. I wanted to get in at least 16 miles but I figured I would play the rest by ear. Saturday we are riding one of the routes for Trail Trek so I wanted to see how we would get to Haymarket Park from our house. I rode down the Rock Island Trail to the zoo, made my way around trail construction on Capitol Parkway, passed Lincoln High (Go Links!) said hi to Mr. Clark and got onto the new Antelope Valley Trail. From there I rode through downtown and decided to take the turn for Memorial Stadium, since we already know where Antelope Valley ends from last weeks ride. With the construction projects I decided I had gone far enough and went back without finding the connection. There weren't many bikes on the Antelope Valley Trail and I have to admit, I was surprised at the number of people who were in the area but not on the trail.

On the ride back I was getting pretty tired so I'll have to make sure and take along nutrition for solo rides over 12 miles from now on. I rode 17 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes with breaks (Brian's bike computer gives fancier information than mine does!). Maybe most interesting, on the ride back, in the pedestrian lane of the O Street Bridge I saw a man dressed as a beetle. I didn't get close enough to find out what they were doing, I'm suspicious it was related to Lincoln's protected Salt Creek Beetle.

Today I'm planning to rest up for tomorrow's ride. So far I have ridden 45 miles this week =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cat Eye

Apparently there is a tiny difference between my Cat Eye and Brian's. Last night I rode from our house to 56th and Van Dorn for a total distance of 15.2 miles. Today I'm hoping to get off work before it rains and get in a ride before spending the rest of the day with my textbook.

This weekend we're planning to ride the 36 mile Trail Trek loop. We're due for a 35 mile ride and this route looks good for training. With any luck I'll easily get to 75 miles this week!

My office mate lost her brother-in-law yesterday very unexpectedly. He was at a national competition in Iowa and was found unresponsive in his hotel room. It's been a sad, and shocking time for our office and I can't seem to stop thinking about it. I am sure his wife and their three kids will be the source of many prayers for the next several weeks.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling Sleepy

Yesterday after work I mowed at our house, made dinner, finished grocery shopping, rode 8 miles, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and did 2 loads of laundry. Today I'm feeling a little sleepy =) Hopefully with the addition of caffeine and plenty of walking today for work I'll perk back up for tonight's ride. I'm planning to put in 16 miles tonight, so we'll see if the weather cooperates.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Triple Digits

It was 100 yesterday afternoon when I got off work. Yuck!!! Before I could chicken out I wrote out the gas bill and jumped on the bike to deliver it. I don't think I've ridden that hot before, the heat kind of radiates off the concrete. I touched my leg against the chain once and burned it so we'll have to be careful about that the rest of the summer!

Brian will be home from Iowa tonight so we're planning yard work and another ride - the forecast high for today is 98. I keep hoping they're wrong!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Lost

I didn't make my riding goal for last week.... by 2 miles.... - so last week will be forever on the books as 73 miles =)

Friday I left work at 8 so that I wouldn't go into over time and got a ride in before we left for KC. Saturday when we got home Brian and I did the quick 6 and yesterday we rode 30 miles, including the brand new Antelope Valley Trail Project. We left our house and headed North past the University where we took the Mopac Trail east to 84th street and then headed up the sidewalk to a gas station where we got more Gatorade and had a few snacks =) My legs were a little tired on the ride but are doing fine today. My hands are still a little off, but we're hoping to go glove shopping this week. The next three days are supposed to be REALLY hot (all close to 100) and the end of the week looks like rain so I'll do a recovery ride tonight and then try to get in long rides Tuesday and Wednesday so that I can rest during the rainy days. This week I'm going to try my hardest to get to 75.

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Old Nebraska Wind

Wednesday night after we each mowed a yard it started to thunder so we packed it up and spent the evening inside. I would like to say we were productive, but Top Chef Masters was on, so I found a comfy spot on the couch.

Last night we rode the bride ride. My mileage for this week has a long way to go. I've only gone 26, so that's 49 miles to my weekly 75 mile goal. We're going to ride this morning before we leave for KC and tomorrow when we get home with a long ride planned for Sunday. Hopefully next week I'll get more cooperation from the weather =) 1 more week until Brian is all the way done with college.... now to figure out how to celebrate!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

This week is kind of a killer, I'm working long days and still trying to get some distance on the bike so that I'm ready for the metric century, which is now 6 short weeks away!!!! For June my goal will be to ride a minimum of 75 miles per week. Monday I did 5.5, last night I did 12.5 so tonight we'll try for 15-20. The wind is supposed to pick back up today so hopefully it won't be too awful.

This weekend we're off to KC, Brian and I will see Cake and Mumford and Sons while Erik and his friend Ethan check out a Royals game. Hopefully it will be lots of fun for all of us.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Friday after work I rode a quick 2 miles, anticipating that Saturday morning we would get in a nice long ride. It was a lovely plan, however, the minute that we got to Shopko giant raindrops began to fall so we turned around and peddled our way home, for a total of 6 miles instead of 30. Sunday morning we woke up to more rain so after a quick breakfast we loaded up all the Memorial Day lights and went out on cemetery duty. Fortunately Sunday afternoon was lovely so we were able to get in about 11 miles before dinner.

Monday was the last day of my 30 rides in 30 days challenge so I was hoping to get our 30 mile ride accomplished. Sadly, we woke up to 20-40 mph winds with gusts near 50. I lobbied to ride and Brian decided we should ride South so that the ride out would be hard and the ride home would be easy. At the 2.75 mile mark I was miserable. My legs were tired, I was being pelted with sand and I was scared that if we made it out my legs would be too worn out to make it back in. The wind was making me feel pretty wobbly, and I was a bit nervous about the stretch that we would ride east and west on. We turned around at Rokeby Road and zoomed back home, I agree now that a fast wind is nice to push you back in =)

Tonight we'll celebrate Erik's 17th birthday, I swear to you he was just born a few weeks ago. These years have gone by so quickly! Hopefully once we get home we'll be able to get a ride in. Tonight I also have to decide what to do for my June challenge, there are SO many options!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I'm Not a Housewife

Yesterday I got off work a few minutes after 11, with my GIANT list of errands. I ran to the DMV, the bank, the credit union, the Social Security office, made phone calls for recycling and a handyman service and got the oil changed in Erik's car. After all of that, I mowed the yard, made dinner and went for a 12 mile ride. My legs are still a little tired this morning =)

I could never make it as an errand girl!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The wind last night was unbelivable so after work I jumped on the bike, and in a light mist I rode 2 miles. After dinner we worked on laundry and homework and I suspect tonight will be more of the same, only with a little sunshine.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Before the Storm

Yesterday when I left work it wasn't raining yet so I drove straight home, changed clothes and jumped on the bike. It was humid and windy but I made it through 12 miles. After dinner Brian got 6 miles done with several stops to make adjustments to the road bike.

Since we were gone all weekend, going to the grocery store was a necessity and we made it into the house right before the storms hit. Today there is more rain in the forecast so we'll see if I can get enough dry time for a short ride. There is only five days left of the 30 in 30 challenge and this weekend we'll go for a nice long ride.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Then the Police Called

Yesterday was one of those days where you can't be certain that you'll even get your name right if asked. I had a busy day at work, followed by a busy night at Southeast. Late afternoon the resource officer from the high school called me at work and left a "non-urgent" message for me to call him back. Like all parents I wondered what could have possibly happened to necessitate a call from the police! I had to go to Southeast for a band fundraiser and bumped into the officer before he could get the message that I called. The high school does a random look into student car windows in the parking lot to make sure that cars are locked and valuables are put away. If a student "passes" they are entered into a drawing for a cash prize and Erik won. So he has $50 to start summer break with!

After the fundraiser I zipped home, prepped tuna salad and egg salad for the vocal music banquet, rode 4 miles, changed clothes, and spent the rest of the evening at LSE. Erik now has three letters - Academic, Band and Choir. Tonight will hopefully be a little less overbooked and with any luck, the rain will hold off long enough for me to get in 10 miles and mow the lawn! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Only Water

Friday afternoon was officially the first time I've ridden in the rain. I left the house with an occassional drizzle, saw a few more raindrops at the turnaround for the 6 mile loop and just past Essex (the turn to go to Brian's parents) it started to really rain. By the time I got home I was pretty saturated and there was water dripping off my helmet. The only thing that really bothered me was that it made my peddles slippery.

Saturday morning Brian and I jumped out of bed for the 6 mile loop and then packed the car so that the three of us could leave for Denver. The U2 concert was fantastic, although I confess, I've never climbed so high for a concert. We were 6 rows from the top of Mile High Stadium, between the 40 yard lines. Evidently, the best seats at a venue are selected based on what they usually do (football as the case may be) and aren't re-evaluted for other types of events. The staging was awesome and Erik, Brian and I enjoyed our first major outdoor arena concert together. We met up with the Carlson's for the ride to and from the show and they had lots of fun too!

Sunday we drove home and Erik and I got to see Big Mac in Ogallala for the very first time. It is pretty impressive! When we finally pulled into the driveway we got out the bikes for a ride over to Brian's parents house to get the garage door opener for the Caliber. Tonight we have band stuff, the choral music banquet and we're responsible to set up the reception for an orchestra concert. I'm hoping to ride quickly a few minutes after 4. This is Erik's last week of school for the year so hopefully things will quiet down a bit soon!

With one more week in the 30 rides in 30 days challenge I have made it on to the bike EVERY day and I've racked up 172 miles since May 1, pretty cool, for a beginner =)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Close to Home

Thursday after work I zipped over to get an oil change for the Jeep and kept my fingers crossed that I would be able to get a ride in before it started to rain. Brian got home a few minutes after I did and we decided if we were going to ride we had to do it in a hurry so we loaded up the bikes and peddled over to Lincoln Memorial. 5.4 miles later it started to rain so we hurried home for dinner. Lincoln had terrible storms last night with heavy wind and lightning and 2 inches of rainfall! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for enough dry weather to ride this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning as soon as we get off the bikes we'll leave for Denver to see the U2 concert at Mile High Stadium. I can hardly wait!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It is definitely spring in Lincoln! The trails have been congested almost every night this week. Last night we gulped down dinner and then hopped on the bikes for a quick 2 mile ride so that we could make it to LSE in time to set up the ice cream social before the concert. Our amazing band volunteers scooped 150+ servings of ice cream and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

We will be going to Denver to see U2 this weekend so we'll need to pack, ride, clean and with any luck be all the way ready to leave before we slip into bed tonight. To keep up with the 30 rides in 30 days we'll either ride an exercise bike at the motel on Saturday or we'll go to a local bike store in the Denver area and test ride a few things. Tomorrow I'll ride as soon as I get off work and we'll plan to ride together Sunday when we get home from the concert. In some ways May has been so busy I wish that we could have done the challenge in April. Although I definitely wouldn't have wanted to ride in spring snow!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Going the Distance

Last night we rode to church for a pizza party and bell cleaning and then back home for a total of 17.4 miles. I got off the bike with some leg cramps that are still lingering this morning. Brian assures me I'll feel better soon, and I'm having Powerade with my breakfast =) This puts me over 200 miles for the season and at 150 miles in 17 days (that's an average of 8.8 miles a day)!

Brian and I talked about training last night and how I just have to keep building up miles on the bike. We had a killer hill on the ride last night and my legs were screaming so I suspect next week he'll have me doing lots of climbing!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quick Six

Even though I planned for 10 miles last night life got in the way and we only made it 6 miles. We had some last minute band commitments to take care of but the school year is almost done =)

I'm feeling a little like the tin man today. My right knee is a bit stiff and sore, my left shoulder has been hurting for weeks now and feels upset today and my right elbow just feels a little creaky. Hopefully a long ride tonight will stretch everything out and not make it feel worse!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Alright Goldilocks, Get on the Bike

I think it was Tuesday and Wednesday last week that it was hot and I was whining, Thursday afternoon my ride was sunny and windy, but I was done in just about 2 miles since it was trying very hard to rain. In the evening we went to the DelRay Ballroom to watch all three LSE Jazz Band's perform and had a great time. We ran to the car in a giant thunderstorm at the end 0f the night and it never really warmed up all weekend.

Friday I rode right at 12:30 when I got home, there was sustained 20 mph wind and the temperature was hovering in the 50's, so six miles felt like more than enough. After riding I met with the band treasurer, mowed two yards, made dinner and took care of the grocery shopping.

Saturday was Erik's adventure to Kansas City with Wind Ensemble. He left home a few minutes before 3 and the bus left Lincoln at 3:30. The kids had a GREAT time but he was completely zapped. We had planned to ride 30 miles Saturday morning but temperatures were unfriendly at best. We got on the bikes at 43 degrees with 20 mph sustained wind and 6 miles in I convinced Brian I had all that I could take. 12 miles wasn't a bad ride, but it was a long way from 30.

Sunday morning was the last Sunday for bells at church until fall, we played a jazzed up version of He's Got the Whole World in his hands at the 8 and 9:30 services and Erik sang at 11. In the afternoon the sun came out and Brian got out the road bike for it's first trip of the year. We did 6 miles at a good speed and it looks like spring will be back soon. Tonight we're planning a slightly longer ride and Tuesday we'll try for 20, riding to church to clean bells and eat pizza and then back home.

My odometer for the season is about 177 miles, with 127 of those being ridden in the last 15 days. We are officially over the halfway mark for 30 rides in 30 days =)

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Last night we rode the bride ride, in the wind. Brian had a long day at work and struggled a little getting his rythm. At one point in the ride I was a little ahead of him and stopped at a major intersection to wait. I looked back and saw a cyclist on a blue bike with black shorts and a blue shirt and figured it was my husband so I went ahead and crossed to wait for him on the other side. Turns out I was tricked =) Brian was still back on the trail having a drink and getting a bug off his sunglasses. I felt pretty silly but how many guys could be wearing the exact same outfit on one stretch of trail?

My left hamstring was tight when we got on the bike and this morning I've had a few calf cramps. It looks like another rainy day so we'll ride whenever there is a break in the clouds. Tonight is also the LSE Band Jazz performance at the Delray Ballroom so maybe I'll even get in some dancing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

And it was HOT

Our week is PACKED full (I know how much this surprises all of you!) but we're still fitting in rides. Last night we got on the Rock Island Trail and did 8.4 miles. The riding temperature was 95, I don't want to know what the heat index was, 95 was plenty hot!

After the ride we ate dinner, went to bell practice and then went to A Little Knight Music at Kimball Hall featuring all of the vocal music groups from Southeast. Erik sang with Court Choir and Do Re Migos - his octet. They did a fantastic job and we still have the Lion Sleeps Tonight stuck in our heads this morning.

There is rain in the forecast for tonight, if it's dry we'll shoot for 10-12 miles, if it's wet I'm thinking 4 might be plenty, guess we'll just have to play it by ear.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

30 Rides

Today marks 10 days into the 30 rides in 30 days challenge!!!!

Friday we had a wonderful date afternoon. The wine from Sugar Clay was wonderful and I'm trying to plan our next trip to the vineyard! After we got home and had dinner with Erik and my mom (Garlic Chicken Stir Fry) Brian and I rode 6 miles and then drank lots of water and went to bed early.

Saturday morning we got up and did a little housework before leaving for the ride. We are trying to incorporate errands into our biking so that it can be transportation AND exercise. We left our house at 9:30 to meet the Raef's and a band fundraising representative at 10:30 and made excellent time (even with the trail construction). At the 12.5 mile turnaround we realized it was just over another mile to the Dairy Queen and it was pretty warm here Saturday so we decided to go for it. (I highly recommend the peanut butter sundae for a hot weekend ride treat!) By the time we got off the bikes we had traveled 27.6 miles. We spent the rest of the day on homework and had my mom and Carol over for dinner.

Sunday was Mother's Day and with 2 services at church, lunch at Brian's parents, dinner at our house and finals for both of us we rode our bikes to lunch for a total of 4.2 miles.

Monday was another busy day with band and finishing homework for these classes so we used our bikes to take the gas and cable bills to be paid for a total of 4.4 miles.

Hopefully we'll be able to sneak in a quick ride tonight, we have bell practice and Erik is performing with three different groups at a Little Knight Music at Kimball Hall, should be a wonderful evening!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Yuck! I bonked for the first time ever last night. Just felt like I was running out of steam. Fortunately it happened during the last 2 miles. We completed our 10 miles and learned that the Press Box Bar is just over ten miles round trip from our house by trail. Today is date afternoon, we're heading up to Council Bluffs for lunch at Quaker Steak and Lube and then to Thurman, Iowa to Sugar Clay Vineyards. We bought the deal of the day back in February and now it's time to go cash it in for the cheese plate and 3 bottles of wine. I can hardly wait!!!!

Tomorrow we're planning a 25 mile ride, 10-15 of that with the Raef's. Alvin and Emily have much longer legs than we do so hopefully we can keep up! So far our mileage for this week is 23.8 so with a short ride tonight and Sunday, plus the long ride Saturday we'll be over 50 miles this week. Kind of unbelieveable!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


This week has been swamped with extra responsibilities and challenges. Brian and our neighbor Tom finished the fence last night. Over the weekend they put in some stone pavers that are REALLY awesome so that project is finally done, and it only took 2 years =)

Their project was taking a little longer than anticipated so I took to the trails by myself for a 6 mile ride and learned that Shopko at 27th and Highway 2 (Jeff and Brian can tell you the store number) is almost exactly 3 miles from our house. When they got done Brian went out for a quick 1 mile ride by himself. Lincoln had 15-25 mph wind yesterday with gusts up to 40 mph. While I'm sure my opinion will change once we're into the heat of summer, for the time being, I'm tired of wind training!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh My Hammy!

Last night we did 2.8 miles riding the cemetery loop. I decided to pull out the cruiser Brian bought me last year and now I have a sore right hamstring. I'm sure it will get stretched out today and tonight's ride will help too. We're trying to figure out how far a route is for a beer ride =) Three days down, 27 to go. Last week's cumulative riding distance was 38 miles. This week should be around 50. I can definitely see 62 in our future!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Go Go Go

Yesterday after I left work it just seemed like a night full of running! I changed clothes and went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Ran to my mom's and mowed the yard, came home and made dinner. Then mowed our yard. When Brian got home he mowed at his parents and did a round of fertilizer there. Once all the yards were taken care of we used our ride to run an errand at the mall. Total riding time was 34 minutes and we traveled 5.6 miles. It's hilly on the way there and after our long ride Sunday it was a "recovery" ride. I was more stiff than I would have liked but I made it through!

My goal by the end of the month is to not go below 8 miles per hour on the big hill by our house. It's good for training but it makes me feel like a total pansy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Biking During the Marathon

Let me first begin by saying that after this weekend, I wish I had taken a day off to recover!!! Friday and Saturday were our neighborhood garage sales and we did GREAT! Saturday morning Erik had local piano competition and Saturday night he went to prom. He looked amazingly handsome and we'll get pictures up this week! Sunday morning he made it home about 5 and crashed out! Brian and I jumped on the bikes about 7:30 (it was only 34 degrees!!!!) and rode 20 miles. It was my first long ride of the year, and honestly, it went much better than expected. We finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes with an average ride time of 9.6 mph. It's not a great speed but I never got off the bike and I rode the trail up the dam for the first time! Sunday was also the Lincoln Marathon, with 10,000 competitors. We figured we were safe since they only run a very small section of trail and the rest is roads, but we got caught up in the course right by Holmes Lake. I'm SO glad that only happens once a year. Next weekend we are trying to decide if we want to ride trials again or if its time to venture out onto the highway.

Sunday afternoon Erik had his piano recital with a celebration of 25 years of private teaching for the piano studio. This morning Brian is running band, tux, and school errands on his way to work and the bank and then hopefully we'll get back to a normal schedule. Tonight we are planning a very short ride, probably 5 miles or less (maybe I'll take the opportunity to run up and pay the gas bill), mowing yards, fertilizing, doing homework, and I get to go to the dentist! Tomorrow isn't quite as bad!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Against the Wind

Last night we repeated the Bride Ride - almost exactly 8 miles. I had a rough start and it wasn't until we were way in the middle of Williamsburg that I realized it was REALLY windy on the trails. My hill speeds were low last night but it appears we made it up on the flat sections with an average riding speed of nearly 10 mph.

Today and tomorrow we'll be participating in the neighborhood garage sale and working on homework. Sunday begins 30 rides in 30 days. I'm praying for dry afternoons and evenings, it can rain all it wants, early in the morning! For this challenge, ride distance doesn't matter as much as getting on the bike every single day. I'll track everything of course, because that's what I like, maybe by the end of May I'll have a couple hundred miles under my belt!

The biggest excitement for me was that after last night I am now over 50 miles for the ride season. I know that for a lot of people that's their daily mileage, and for even more that's their weekly distance. We'll get there =) We didn't really get any rides done in 2010 so this marks an excellent start.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go By Bike

Last night we rode just over nine miles. After a long day at work, and some quickie errands we slurped down dinner and loaded the bikes onto the Tribute. After bell practice we hopped on and rode home. It is GREAT having another driver! It was a little cool (I think we were in the low 50's) but we made it.

We have decided to do a metric on our own Saturday July 9. That's just over 8 weeks away. I feel a little nervous at the moment since I didn't feel very strong during last night's ride but I plan to keep right on pushing. We'll see how things go once we get to 50 cumulative miles a week, apparently that is a turning point for many cyclists. Our next planned ride is Thursday, before we set up the garage sale and then we're planning to spend some time out on Sunday cheering for friends who are running the half marathon. 10,000 runners this year so the only way to get close to them will be to ride in.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Rides

Friday after a lot of housework, and a vegetable laden meal Brian agreed to a quick ride. I didn't realize until we were a mile away from the house that my body was considering this a recovery ride. We did 8 miles in 45 minutes and my legs were tired the whole way. I drank plenty of water when we got off the bike and thankfully (since we had 11 for Easter dinner Saturday night) I wasn't in any pain Saturday morning.

In May we will be doing 30 rides in 30 days. As part of the challenge you are supposed to use your bike for errands in place of your car. I decided that we should give this a quick try Sunday afternoon to get the meat and cheese for dinner (we had my mom and Roger over for sandwiches). Our total distance was around 4 miles. I didn't take the time to figure out speed or time on the bike. It was fairly windy here so the ride to the store was rough, but on the way home I rode up the big hill without stopping or crying. 4 years ago we went on a ride and I refused to turn around and come home the way that we came because I was afraid to ride that hill.

Cummulative miles for this week are 22. That's pretty cool for this early in the season. This week there is a lot of rain in the forecast but we still need to get our miles in. I'm hoping it will be dry at least three days for us to get out. My goal for this week is to hit 25 or more cummulative miles.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Brisk

Last night after getting Erik's tux picked out and fitted for prom Brian grilled salmon and after dinner we hopped on the bikes for a quick 10 mile ride to the zoo. It was sunny and just a tiny bit windy, but with a high of 57 yesterday it was a bit cold on the bikes! There were tons of other riders out and we made it back home just as the sun was starting to set. There are supposed to be more storms today and maybe Friday so we are trying to plan a way to ride our bikes to church for bell practice on Saturday morning. I would really like to see cummulative mileage this week close to 25 miles!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Weekend

We didn't get any rides in this weekend. Friday night we had storms off and on and miserable winds gusting to 40 mph. I shouldn't complain though, because in Western Nebraska they had 6-8 inches of snow to go with the wind, and places throughout the country had deadly tornados! Saturday we spent 5 hours cleaning out the garage and getting ready for garage sale weekend. Erik took two car loads of stuff to the mission for us (thank goodness) and we have a medium sized stack of garbage plus 4 cans full to go out with tomorrow's trash. After all that, the garage looks MUCH better and we suspect that once the garage sale is over we'll be able to park at least one car in it. The hope is that we'll get two in by winter! Novel to park the cars in the garage =)

Sunday morning we went to church and then worked on homework, mowing and getting ready for Southeast to host the annual district music competition. Monday, we spent 10 hours at the high school, rearranging furniture, running concessions, keeping the judges and directors happy and trying to manage a school full of students from a variety of schools. I don't think my bed has ever felt better than it did last night! Today we're all back to our regular work and school schedules. Hopefully I'll get re-hydrated and tomorrow we can slip in a training ride. Saturday it's supposed to be nice and we're hosting for Easter so I'm lobbying for a 10 mile ride. We'll see if I'm successful =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musically Inclined

This week hasn't been great for riding. Tuesday Erik had a concert and I mowed our house and my mom's so I did a quick 4 mile with medium hills and then we spent the rest of the evening at the school. Wednesday I worked the long shift and Erik had another concert. I had hoped for a longer ride today or tomorrow but Lincoln is being plagued by rain and storms. If it's dry when I get off work I may try to get a quick ride in. In addition to today's storms the weather channel is predicting a 100% chance of precipitation for Friday so it looks like it may be the weekend before I can get some time in again. I know that the serious riders say to train when it's raining because it might be raining the day of your ride. I'm willing to wind train this year (which I've never been interested in before) but I'm not ready to get caught on my bike in a Nebraska spring storm... at least not yet!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh Blog I'm So Sorry

I've decided that for the time being we'll use you this to blog about our bike rides. I have decided that I want to ride 50 miles this summer and Brian wants to ride a metric century (62.5 miles). Sunday morning we rolled out of bed, gulped down some cereal and while Brian checked bike tires I filled up water bottles. We had strong Southwest winds fighting us the whole way but we managed to do 8.5 miles in 50 minutes. The weather forecast looks rough this week with the possibility of snow on Friday. Who wants snow in April??? We are hoping for a short ride tonight, before Erik's vocal music concert, and another ride this Sunday morning. Starting next week I want to get in 3 rides every week! The article that I read today on preparing for distance rides says that you should train so that your weekly rides accumulate to your single distance mileage goal for a one day ride. This week I think I'll set my weekly goal distance for 15 miles. We'll see how far I can make it tonight!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Like a Lion

Sorry Blog, I have neglected you again!!!! I'm struggling with what I should be writing. We have a lot going on right now (as usual) but it's pretty mundane.

This week I feel like I'm running a marathon. Although our evenings haven't been triple booked like they often are, my days have been super busy at work. The good news is that I'm surviving statistics with my head held high!

In a week Brian and I are taking a mini vacation and two weeks from yesterday Erik will be leaving for Spring Break in New Orleans. In the midst of that we have a couple band concerts, a vocal music performance, a band fundraiser (of course!) and two college visits in Iowa. I had no idea that Erik's time in high school would move so quickly!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dog Ate My Homework

Just kidding - but he did step on my text book with his giant paws and he flung drool across the room and got some on Brian's laptop bag =)

This week at school is SUPER busy. Brian has to work on his project and complete a quiz tonight for the finance/accounting part of the Information Technology Managment program and I'm working on human resources stuff this course so I'll need to consider the things that my hospital does for retention and what other things we could do to improve employee satisfaction. I'm glad we both have less than a year left, while this classes are quick (4 weeks) they are pretty labor intensive. Erik started all his second semester classes yesterday and is happy with his teachers so far. Last night he and I worked some on his Spanish flashcards - it amazes me how comfortable and familiar foreign language is for him.

The rest of the week will be a blur, Thursday night LSE jazz band is hosting the "Noteables" - a special band from Offutt Air Force Base and Friday night is the Athletic Boosters Chili Feed (Brian and I will be working in concessions for the basketball games for 2 hours!). Saturday we'll take care of homework and laundry and Sunday Brian will be on the road for Iowa.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dishwasher Day

This weekend the weatherman is threatening a rain/snow mix. Our new dishwasher is supposed to be delivered today and installed next week, I can hardly wait! The microwave is still on back order but it will be in eventually =)

Today I'm planning to take Erik to look at new shoes. Kohl's is already having a big sale and they sent me the "temptation" coupon (30% off) in the mail. Since he wears a size 15 sneaker we're always interested in shoe sales.

Erik's finals are over so he's enjoying another 4 day weekend... maybe I should consider teaching =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Even though Christi always liked snow for her birthday growing up (what's better than a snow day?) she has a little less appreciation as an adult. Actually let's be honest, she loves to watch it fall, she doesn't particularly mind shoveling but driving around with the rest of Lincoln, even with 4 wheel drive and anti lock brakes isn't as much fun as it sounds!

Depending on where you are in Southeast Nebraska right now you have between 8-12 inches of snow. Lincoln Public School's is celebrating it's second snow day and the high school's are nervous because today was supposed to be the first day of finals. Now we're waiting to hear what the new "revised" finals schedule will be. Lucky for Erik he has two music classes and for his weight training final they are going to go play pool =)

Last night Brian and Christ finished their finals and tonight the next class starts up. So much for a break!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a Wash

Thursday after work Brian and I had an adventure. We drove to Omaha and enjoyed lunch at Dundee Dell (Yum fish and chips!) before venturing to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We looked at the new super designer kitchen but decided that $8000 for a refrigerator was way too much! We did find a new dishwasher and microwave. While this doesn't sound exciting to some, our microwave is the same age as Brian and I. Sometimes when we have the tv and the microwave on at the same time the circuit blows =) They will be delivered on Friday, January 14 and with any luck installed Monday, January 17.

Our house celebrated a quiet New Year's. Christi's mom and Roger came over for dinner and to celebrate another Christmas on New Year's Eve and Saturday we spent the whole day watching movies. Now back to our real lives, 40 (or more) hour work weeks, homework several nights a week, laundry, crazy doggies and of course the LSE Marching Knights.