Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Lost

I didn't make my riding goal for last week.... by 2 miles.... - so last week will be forever on the books as 73 miles =)

Friday I left work at 8 so that I wouldn't go into over time and got a ride in before we left for KC. Saturday when we got home Brian and I did the quick 6 and yesterday we rode 30 miles, including the brand new Antelope Valley Trail Project. We left our house and headed North past the University where we took the Mopac Trail east to 84th street and then headed up the sidewalk to a gas station where we got more Gatorade and had a few snacks =) My legs were a little tired on the ride but are doing fine today. My hands are still a little off, but we're hoping to go glove shopping this week. The next three days are supposed to be REALLY hot (all close to 100) and the end of the week looks like rain so I'll do a recovery ride tonight and then try to get in long rides Tuesday and Wednesday so that I can rest during the rainy days. This week I'm going to try my hardest to get to 75.

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