Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Go Links!

Last night we discussed an 8 mile ride, since it was 96 - with a severe heat advisory (do they have those in places where it's hot all the time??) but after talking to the band treasurer, and deciding on a plan to trade off money (band deposits from me to her, and money for a scout sash from her to me) we decided to meet at Lincoln High.

The first mile was astoundingly hot, then we got to the spot on the trail where there seems to be cool air almost all the time. I'm sure that this has been studied by someone, I would love to know what causes those pockets of coolness. After that I was warm for the rest of the ride. The rest of the evening was spent on homework and Brian took the dogs out for a VERY hot walk where they were both frightened by fireworks.

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