Friday, June 24, 2011

Get a Grip

For the last few years I have been whining about the rear derailer on the Giant (the bike I ride more for training). Last weekend when I blew my rear tire Brian had to put the chain back on afterwards and ever since the derailer has been better. I complimented him on the fix and we moved on.

Yesterday we planned a ride to Devaney and back - with trail construction its about 17 miles round trip, regularly it's closer to 18. All was well on the way out and things seemed ok on the ride back until we crossed the bridge over 27th and Hwy 2. Brian was behind me and my shift seemed to lock up. I couldn't get into 5th gear or 7th gear and it seemed like I was sticking between gears. We pulled off the trail at Essex and Brian checked out my bike while I checked out a garage sale. We couldn't see any real problems with the chain and Brian was able to shift the bike with a little extra pressure (read in that my hands were tired and I had worked all day, so maybe I was just being a weiner). We got back on the bikes and within a block the problems were back so we decided that I would ride to Joy Ride and let the mechanic check it out while Brian rode home to get the car. The first guy at Joy Ride took the same path I had and looked over the chain but when Dave (the best bike guy EVER) took a look at it he realized I had a broken grip shift. My bike got to spend the night and I'll get it picked up this afternoon. Poor baby, this year its gotten a new chain, two new "tires", one new tube, something else in the "cog" and now a new shift. I hope it feels better =)

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