Friday, June 17, 2011

Bride Rides and Dog Bags

I honestly don't know what my problem is, sometimes I'm a super dork! Last night I decided to ride the Bride Ride - it's almost exactly 8 miles and I wanted a short ride, but didn't want to ride the big hill on the Quick Six. I don't know why I always think the Bride Ride is a good idea when my legs are already tired. At the end of the first two miles I was panting and miserable. The wind was 17 mph and in my face the whole way, there weren't any cute ducks in the first stretch and it was hot. I had leftover pasta for dinner so I didn't bring emergency nutrition and I just wasn't feeling it. At the top of the last hill in that section I got my legs back and by the end of the third mile I was feeling much better about the world. So much better that I decided to explore the Tierra Trail (which is closed halfway in) to make the ride exactly 8 miles. I panted hard up Tipperary but never lost my speed and cruised easily until I hit the baseball fields, where the wind met me again and tortured me on my way up the hill.

After I got home I decided the dogs would benefit from a quick walk. Unfortunately at the top of our block I used up the last dog poop bag. Then I decided we would do the really short walk since I didn't have anything to clean up with if Cache needed to go or Ozzy needed to go again. Of course, that meant that 1 block later Cache did indeed have to go. And then another block later Ozzy had to go again (2 per walk is his normal). So they got their exercise, and I got to leave them in the nice air conditioned house to walk back with a bag and get the rest of the poop picked up. The next dog bag dispenser will be clear - or have a counter on it!

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