Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Super Wild to TOTAL Prude

We had our meeting with the minister yesterday. I am trying to find a way to read the Bible cover to cover before our next meeting. The first 15 minutes were scripture quizzes (Brian did well, I failed miserably)... and then we talked about SEX!!! With the minister!!!! I wished many times for the floor to open and suck me in.

We also received our homework assignment to work on for the next meeting. It's about money. Hopefully it isn't about money and the Bible, I'll probably fail again.

The most interesting thing was when Jim talked to us about misinterpretation and the Bible, getting only part of the verse and not reading things in context. To all my great aunts and uncles who are following this, thank you so much for teaching me "Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people." It helped yesterday!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why do you want to get married?

Today is our first meeting with the minister to discuss our decision to marry. I'm not sure what kind of questions we'll be asked. I watched Dr. Phil's pre-marital boot camp like a year ago. Brian and I already know where we stand on spending, we're not having any other children, Erik is mostly easy to parent and we have worked on big projects together. We know that we can paint together, but plumbing is a challenge. I think that in most ways we compliment each other. We like the outdoors, the same movies and taking care of our families.

I wonder if the questions will be harder than that? If there will be checklists, or packets. If we will have to talk about what would make our marriage fail. I'm excited and nervous all at once.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Brian and I tend to be slightly indecisive so planning a wedding has been a lot of work for both of us. I think that we're getting closer to a final plan. We decided on the church and reception hall, we decided on which limo company, but not which limo, we think we have decided what we're eating, we have decided on the bridal party and ushers, we have all the big things done, now to the small one's.

Deciding on a final for the invitation is at the top of this week's "to do" list. The "Save the Date" was so easy! There are many "cute" or "pretty" options and we're trying to pick the one that says "us" the best. We also need to pick a company for our wedding favors and a design for surprising the bridal party, and something for the teenagers in our lives who are participating in the wedding.

My officemate told me that her great grandparents got married on a Tuesday after lunch. They walked to the church, the minister married them, her mother made pie and the newlyweds moved to a small house on the family property that night. My mom could make stiky buns, maybe the minister could meet with us on a Thursday before scouts? Too bad I don't want to live in the shed behind Brian's parents house, we could have made this a lot easier!

The wedding day will be something that we will always remember and we have already decided that this is an event for all our guests. Many brides talk about their "big day". What I really want is a fun day for all the people that we love!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I like to move it move it!

Ok I don't really, but that's how we spent the weekend. Friday night Erik went to the Y and Brian and I worked on homework (we totally have this boring married couple thing down). Saturday morning Erik had piano competition and Brian and Jeff moved our beer fridge from storage to the new house. In the afternoon we took our scouts out in to the rain for a picnic and they played a heated game of capture the flag. In the evening we moved boxes and furniture out of storage during breaks in the rain. As a reward at the end of the night Brian bought us ice cream and let us go to bed early!

My old neighborhood is a little rough (ok so there was a murder less than a half a mile away not so long ago and a shooting less than 3 weeks ago) so we got up REALLY early (left my house at 0500) on Sunday and moved stuff out of my garage over there to the new house. It is amazing that our "oversized" two car garage is almost full.... thankfully we are moving mostly furniture and current clothing from our two homes into the nest. More thankfully, we bought during garage sale season and we will be having a GIANT sale. Now to find the time to price and sort.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Planning Continues

I spent this week making phone calls and trying to get things arranged. I have prices for limo's and we're on the right track for our photographer. Our first meeting with the minister is Wednesday afternoon. I think the office staff at our church are having fun with this as well. When the minister called back he wanted to let me know they told him I was "giddy". I guess all this waiting for the right guy just shows =)

This weekend we will be moving more things into our new nest, Erik will compete in State Piano competition and the three of us will have a picnic with our scouts. On top of that is more homework. Seriously, I will somehow find time to get the master bedroom painted so that Brian can get moved in!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Oughta Be in Pictures!

Good news!!! Yesterday we called and got bids from photographers and we think we have a winner! Even better news, she is a exactly in line with what we had budgeted for this expense. I am SO glad that we were able to get the friends and family discount! In May, when everything is green and beautiful, we will get our engagement picture taken at one of our favorite pieces of "pop" art.

Happy Earth Day everyone! Do something meaningful and green!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday (Sunday) Christi and I went to visit our friends Diane and Greg who live in Ord. I did some quick work at Greg's office helping get files backed up, and trying to get a wireless print server installed. However the main mission of the trip was to get "something" done to Christi's hair. After much discussion and several times of Diane asking "now are you sure you're not going to be upset if I cut some off" Diane went to work with the trim. As you can see from the picture below, it was QUITE a trim! Yes all that hair used to be attached to Christi's head. It's been a long time since Christi had any length cut off and she is VERY pleased with the results. Dava (Diane and Greg's daughter) isn't quite sure what to think about it, and was even a little upset (as she is seen in the picture too). By the time the process was completed, even she approved of the end results.

On the way home from Ord, we were talking, that we are both REALLY looking forward to the wedding. This is one of those events in your life that, at least for us, is hard not to be excited about. This haircut was kind of a metaphor for the wedding. A very different end that what we have now, but something to be REALLY excited about at the same time. We want all of you to be excited also. We want you to join us on our special day, and we really want you to have fun!!! This is going to be a fun wedding. Kind of similar to getting a new hair style!

Football game

So we decided to take Erik to the Red vs. White football game on Saturday that the University of Nebraska - Lincoln puts on every year. We had a lot of fun, along with 77,670 of our closest friends. For those of you who have never been to an NU Football game it's amazing. Some like to point out that on football Saturdays, the stadium is Nebraska's 3rd largest city. While the game didn't quite sell out, the fun was still there! Here are some pictures from the game. One is of the crowd in South and East stadiums. The other one is of Christi and Erik, looking like they were having fun.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Jane's services today were beautiful. Our pastor was able to remind people of all the reasons that Jane was loved so much. She was such a sweet and wonderful person and she was willing to do anything for anyone. Jane gave. She gave in ways that others of us could never imagine. She laughed, she lived, she loved and she was not here with us for nearly long enough.

Our bell choir played for Jane today. (Brian and I both ring bass handbells) It was hard, sad, and full of love for her. After the service strangers walked up and told us that it was a beautiful tribute to her. Some of them knew who we were, even if we didn't know them, and some of them knew that we were getting married. Jane shared not only her happiness, but also the happiness of others. She was excited for us. We were excited to have her expertise as a part of our special day. On the day of our wedding I want us to do something to memorialize Jane. Something that we will know and can share with others. She has touched my life forever.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Week Ahead

Another busy week looms ahead. Jane's services are scheduled for Thursday, Erik and Brian have been asked to serve as pallbearers and our bell choir will be playing as a part of the service. She was such an important part of our lives and it still seems unbelievable that she is gone.

This weekend we will be taking Erik to the "Spring Game". For those who don't live and breath Husker football this is the spring scrimmage to see what the team will look like for next year. On Sunday we will travel to Ord, Nebraska (I don't know the exact number of people but let's say less than 500) to see the Duryea's and hopefully get something done with my hair!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sad Easter

I'm sorry that we haven't posted in so long. As far as wallpaper goes, it is all off and the room is taped and awaiting primer and paint. (We have pictures of our progress.) We have all been busy with work, school, scout and band fundraising and Erik's musical commitments.

Yesterday morning we lost a dear friend that we did not get to love nearly long enough. Our sweet and loving friend Jane died of complications from diabetes. Last summer we spent our week in the Boundary Waters with her son and husband. She was probably the most loving and giving woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and she will leave a hole in the lives of all that she touched. Today say prayers for ALL the people that you love. I am trying to remember that Jane got to spend Easter with Jesus and that she is lucky for that. But I confess, I am sad that she wasn't with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Busy Weekend

The weatherman is continuing to promise a blizzard. Tomorrow morning we will get up before dawn to go to Walmart and Home Depot and then spend the day working on our nest. As soon as the master bedroom is done we'll put up some more pictures. We'll also make sure to include pictures of the "naked" cat. Angel went to the groomer this week for her summer trim and she'll have an amusing look for the next several weeks. Hopefully she'll be grown back out in time for the wedding.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire

This week Brian and I have been going at breakneck speed. We started our new term of classes yesterday and were both greeted by mountains of homework. In our professional lives our commitments are unusually high as well. This weekend we are anticipating painting and homework and not much else. We have crossed our fingers that the potential snow in the forecast will miss Lincoln entirely!

Next weekend my mother and I hope to start the seeds for the live plants and flowers that will be at the church and reception hall on our wedding day. If you know of hardy, and pretty purple or white flowers that will still be blooming in September and look lovely in either an arrangement or potted please let me know. We will take all the help and suggestions that we can get!