Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Brian and I tend to be slightly indecisive so planning a wedding has been a lot of work for both of us. I think that we're getting closer to a final plan. We decided on the church and reception hall, we decided on which limo company, but not which limo, we think we have decided what we're eating, we have decided on the bridal party and ushers, we have all the big things done, now to the small one's.

Deciding on a final for the invitation is at the top of this week's "to do" list. The "Save the Date" was so easy! There are many "cute" or "pretty" options and we're trying to pick the one that says "us" the best. We also need to pick a company for our wedding favors and a design for surprising the bridal party, and something for the teenagers in our lives who are participating in the wedding.

My officemate told me that her great grandparents got married on a Tuesday after lunch. They walked to the church, the minister married them, her mother made pie and the newlyweds moved to a small house on the family property that night. My mom could make stiky buns, maybe the minister could meet with us on a Thursday before scouts? Too bad I don't want to live in the shed behind Brian's parents house, we could have made this a lot easier!

The wedding day will be something that we will always remember and we have already decided that this is an event for all our guests. Many brides talk about their "big day". What I really want is a fun day for all the people that we love!

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