Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday (Sunday) Christi and I went to visit our friends Diane and Greg who live in Ord. I did some quick work at Greg's office helping get files backed up, and trying to get a wireless print server installed. However the main mission of the trip was to get "something" done to Christi's hair. After much discussion and several times of Diane asking "now are you sure you're not going to be upset if I cut some off" Diane went to work with the trim. As you can see from the picture below, it was QUITE a trim! Yes all that hair used to be attached to Christi's head. It's been a long time since Christi had any length cut off and she is VERY pleased with the results. Dava (Diane and Greg's daughter) isn't quite sure what to think about it, and was even a little upset (as she is seen in the picture too). By the time the process was completed, even she approved of the end results.

On the way home from Ord, we were talking, that we are both REALLY looking forward to the wedding. This is one of those events in your life that, at least for us, is hard not to be excited about. This haircut was kind of a metaphor for the wedding. A very different end that what we have now, but something to be REALLY excited about at the same time. We want all of you to be excited also. We want you to join us on our special day, and we really want you to have fun!!! This is going to be a fun wedding. Kind of similar to getting a new hair style!

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  1. Hey, glad you like it. I still can't believe you didn't beat me up with the two gallon dust pan we had to use to sweep up all that hair!