Monday, April 27, 2009

I like to move it move it!

Ok I don't really, but that's how we spent the weekend. Friday night Erik went to the Y and Brian and I worked on homework (we totally have this boring married couple thing down). Saturday morning Erik had piano competition and Brian and Jeff moved our beer fridge from storage to the new house. In the afternoon we took our scouts out in to the rain for a picnic and they played a heated game of capture the flag. In the evening we moved boxes and furniture out of storage during breaks in the rain. As a reward at the end of the night Brian bought us ice cream and let us go to bed early!

My old neighborhood is a little rough (ok so there was a murder less than a half a mile away not so long ago and a shooting less than 3 weeks ago) so we got up REALLY early (left my house at 0500) on Sunday and moved stuff out of my garage over there to the new house. It is amazing that our "oversized" two car garage is almost full.... thankfully we are moving mostly furniture and current clothing from our two homes into the nest. More thankfully, we bought during garage sale season and we will be having a GIANT sale. Now to find the time to price and sort.

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