Monday, June 20, 2011

It was a Real Blowout

Friday I spent the afternoon engaged in my textbook and got Erik and his friend Nick ready to go to the Saltdog's game. I took in lots of fluids, rested, took the dogs for a walk and contemplated my paper. My plan was to get up at 4:30 Saturday morning and be on the bike by 6, that would give me time to eat, grease my chain and get centered to ride 40 miles. When I got up at 4:30 it was pouring down rain. I decided I would sleep another hour and get on the bike at 6:30. At 5:30 it was raining even harder and the lighting looked really close. I decided to sleep another half hour and get on the bike at 7. At 6 it had transitioned to a light rain, the air was very thick and we had just over and an inch and a half in the rain gage. I decided to eat breakfast and re-consider my routes - since my initial plan had me traveling under a few bridges. At 7 Brian decided we should probably ride Sunday instead so we went and got groceries.

Saturday I worked on homework, finished getting ready for Father's Day and got the laundry back under control, not a day wasted but not 40 miles either. Sunday morning I got up at 4:30 with a plan to be on the bike at 6. We had a little last minute drama with Father's Day lunch preparations but by 6:20 I was on the bike planning to cruise the first 20 miles myself with a round trip to Devaney. At the five mile mark I was checking out my Cat Eye (bike computer) and thinking how cool it was that the little bench we usually take a break at on the way home is exactly 5 miles from our house. Seconds later there was an incredible hissing sound followed immediately by thump-thump, thump-thump. I jumped off the bike and sure enough my back tire was completely flat.

I called for a rescue and Brian took me home to get my tire changed. After that I decided that Sunday would be best spent writing my paper - so my total mileage for the week was 49 - 26 miles short of the 75 mile per week goal. This week Erik is in Schuyler but with any luck Brian will be home, and Sunday we're all riding Trail Trek. The metric is getting closer all the time. At least I'm getting miles in during the week. Maybe this weekend I can ride 40 Saturday and 30 Sunday to get a better feel for what the metric will be like!

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