Monday, June 27, 2011

Trekking the Trail

My bike was ready for pick-up on Friday and Brian and I rode 10 miles to make sure I wouldn't need any adjustments. Saturday morning it was POURING rain so we spent part of the day running errands, getting groceries and I worked on my homework.

Sunday morning was the 9th annual Trail Trek ride in Lincoln - routes range from 10 miles to 36 miles and at the end of the event there is lunch and sometimes live music. Erik voted for the 25 mile ride this year, and since Brian would have to pick his parents up at the Omaha airport in the afternoon we decided to ride the basic 25 mile route with a few modifications. We rode from our house, down to A Street and out to Holmes Lake dog park - from there we climbed the hill up to 84th Street and stopped for a sponsored break at the Mopac trail head. We all added some extra fluids and had a snack before heading downtown. Erik hadn't been on the Antelope Valley Trail yet and he enjoyed it on the way back home. After 26.2 miles, we showered quickly and then headed down to the "race start" for lunch and the chance to win a bike. There were legion playoff games going on at Haymarket Park and unfortunately it was nearly impossible to hear the PA system over the music being played for the game. Sadly we didn't win anything but we still had a nice time. The rest of the day was dedicated to homework and rest. Last night there were terrific storms in the area and we got three inches of rain - so there will be no mowing tonight, and I'm not sure which route we'll take for our evening ride!

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