Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a Wash

Thursday after work Brian and I had an adventure. We drove to Omaha and enjoyed lunch at Dundee Dell (Yum fish and chips!) before venturing to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We looked at the new super designer kitchen but decided that $8000 for a refrigerator was way too much! We did find a new dishwasher and microwave. While this doesn't sound exciting to some, our microwave is the same age as Brian and I. Sometimes when we have the tv and the microwave on at the same time the circuit blows =) They will be delivered on Friday, January 14 and with any luck installed Monday, January 17.

Our house celebrated a quiet New Year's. Christi's mom and Roger came over for dinner and to celebrate another Christmas on New Year's Eve and Saturday we spent the whole day watching movies. Now back to our real lives, 40 (or more) hour work weeks, homework several nights a week, laundry, crazy doggies and of course the LSE Marching Knights.

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