Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dog Ate My Homework

Just kidding - but he did step on my text book with his giant paws and he flung drool across the room and got some on Brian's laptop bag =)

This week at school is SUPER busy. Brian has to work on his project and complete a quiz tonight for the finance/accounting part of the Information Technology Managment program and I'm working on human resources stuff this course so I'll need to consider the things that my hospital does for retention and what other things we could do to improve employee satisfaction. I'm glad we both have less than a year left, while this classes are quick (4 weeks) they are pretty labor intensive. Erik started all his second semester classes yesterday and is happy with his teachers so far. Last night he and I worked some on his Spanish flashcards - it amazes me how comfortable and familiar foreign language is for him.

The rest of the week will be a blur, Thursday night LSE jazz band is hosting the "Noteables" - a special band from Offutt Air Force Base and Friday night is the Athletic Boosters Chili Feed (Brian and I will be working in concessions for the basketball games for 2 hours!). Saturday we'll take care of homework and laundry and Sunday Brian will be on the road for Iowa.

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