Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

Even though Christi always liked snow for her birthday growing up (what's better than a snow day?) she has a little less appreciation as an adult. Actually let's be honest, she loves to watch it fall, she doesn't particularly mind shoveling but driving around with the rest of Lincoln, even with 4 wheel drive and anti lock brakes isn't as much fun as it sounds!

Depending on where you are in Southeast Nebraska right now you have between 8-12 inches of snow. Lincoln Public School's is celebrating it's second snow day and the high school's are nervous because today was supposed to be the first day of finals. Now we're waiting to hear what the new "revised" finals schedule will be. Lucky for Erik he has two music classes and for his weight training final they are going to go play pool =)

Last night Brian and Christ finished their finals and tonight the next class starts up. So much for a break!

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