Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Friday after work I rode a quick 2 miles, anticipating that Saturday morning we would get in a nice long ride. It was a lovely plan, however, the minute that we got to Shopko giant raindrops began to fall so we turned around and peddled our way home, for a total of 6 miles instead of 30. Sunday morning we woke up to more rain so after a quick breakfast we loaded up all the Memorial Day lights and went out on cemetery duty. Fortunately Sunday afternoon was lovely so we were able to get in about 11 miles before dinner.

Monday was the last day of my 30 rides in 30 days challenge so I was hoping to get our 30 mile ride accomplished. Sadly, we woke up to 20-40 mph winds with gusts near 50. I lobbied to ride and Brian decided we should ride South so that the ride out would be hard and the ride home would be easy. At the 2.75 mile mark I was miserable. My legs were tired, I was being pelted with sand and I was scared that if we made it out my legs would be too worn out to make it back in. The wind was making me feel pretty wobbly, and I was a bit nervous about the stretch that we would ride east and west on. We turned around at Rokeby Road and zoomed back home, I agree now that a fast wind is nice to push you back in =)

Tonight we'll celebrate Erik's 17th birthday, I swear to you he was just born a few weeks ago. These years have gone by so quickly! Hopefully once we get home we'll be able to get a ride in. Tonight I also have to decide what to do for my June challenge, there are SO many options!

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