Thursday, May 12, 2011


Last night we rode the bride ride, in the wind. Brian had a long day at work and struggled a little getting his rythm. At one point in the ride I was a little ahead of him and stopped at a major intersection to wait. I looked back and saw a cyclist on a blue bike with black shorts and a blue shirt and figured it was my husband so I went ahead and crossed to wait for him on the other side. Turns out I was tricked =) Brian was still back on the trail having a drink and getting a bug off his sunglasses. I felt pretty silly but how many guys could be wearing the exact same outfit on one stretch of trail?

My left hamstring was tight when we got on the bike and this morning I've had a few calf cramps. It looks like another rainy day so we'll ride whenever there is a break in the clouds. Tonight is also the LSE Band Jazz performance at the Delray Ballroom so maybe I'll even get in some dancing!

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