Thursday, May 19, 2011


It is definitely spring in Lincoln! The trails have been congested almost every night this week. Last night we gulped down dinner and then hopped on the bikes for a quick 2 mile ride so that we could make it to LSE in time to set up the ice cream social before the concert. Our amazing band volunteers scooped 150+ servings of ice cream and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.

We will be going to Denver to see U2 this weekend so we'll need to pack, ride, clean and with any luck be all the way ready to leave before we slip into bed tonight. To keep up with the 30 rides in 30 days we'll either ride an exercise bike at the motel on Saturday or we'll go to a local bike store in the Denver area and test ride a few things. Tomorrow I'll ride as soon as I get off work and we'll plan to ride together Sunday when we get home from the concert. In some ways May has been so busy I wish that we could have done the challenge in April. Although I definitely wouldn't have wanted to ride in spring snow!

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