Monday, May 2, 2011

Biking During the Marathon

Let me first begin by saying that after this weekend, I wish I had taken a day off to recover!!! Friday and Saturday were our neighborhood garage sales and we did GREAT! Saturday morning Erik had local piano competition and Saturday night he went to prom. He looked amazingly handsome and we'll get pictures up this week! Sunday morning he made it home about 5 and crashed out! Brian and I jumped on the bikes about 7:30 (it was only 34 degrees!!!!) and rode 20 miles. It was my first long ride of the year, and honestly, it went much better than expected. We finished in 2 hours and 3 minutes with an average ride time of 9.6 mph. It's not a great speed but I never got off the bike and I rode the trail up the dam for the first time! Sunday was also the Lincoln Marathon, with 10,000 competitors. We figured we were safe since they only run a very small section of trail and the rest is roads, but we got caught up in the course right by Holmes Lake. I'm SO glad that only happens once a year. Next weekend we are trying to decide if we want to ride trials again or if its time to venture out onto the highway.

Sunday afternoon Erik had his piano recital with a celebration of 25 years of private teaching for the piano studio. This morning Brian is running band, tux, and school errands on his way to work and the bank and then hopefully we'll get back to a normal schedule. Tonight we are planning a very short ride, probably 5 miles or less (maybe I'll take the opportunity to run up and pay the gas bill), mowing yards, fertilizing, doing homework, and I get to go to the dentist! Tomorrow isn't quite as bad!

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