Monday, May 16, 2011

Alright Goldilocks, Get on the Bike

I think it was Tuesday and Wednesday last week that it was hot and I was whining, Thursday afternoon my ride was sunny and windy, but I was done in just about 2 miles since it was trying very hard to rain. In the evening we went to the DelRay Ballroom to watch all three LSE Jazz Band's perform and had a great time. We ran to the car in a giant thunderstorm at the end 0f the night and it never really warmed up all weekend.

Friday I rode right at 12:30 when I got home, there was sustained 20 mph wind and the temperature was hovering in the 50's, so six miles felt like more than enough. After riding I met with the band treasurer, mowed two yards, made dinner and took care of the grocery shopping.

Saturday was Erik's adventure to Kansas City with Wind Ensemble. He left home a few minutes before 3 and the bus left Lincoln at 3:30. The kids had a GREAT time but he was completely zapped. We had planned to ride 30 miles Saturday morning but temperatures were unfriendly at best. We got on the bikes at 43 degrees with 20 mph sustained wind and 6 miles in I convinced Brian I had all that I could take. 12 miles wasn't a bad ride, but it was a long way from 30.

Sunday morning was the last Sunday for bells at church until fall, we played a jazzed up version of He's Got the Whole World in his hands at the 8 and 9:30 services and Erik sang at 11. In the afternoon the sun came out and Brian got out the road bike for it's first trip of the year. We did 6 miles at a good speed and it looks like spring will be back soon. Tonight we're planning a slightly longer ride and Tuesday we'll try for 20, riding to church to clean bells and eat pizza and then back home.

My odometer for the season is about 177 miles, with 127 of those being ridden in the last 15 days. We are officially over the halfway mark for 30 rides in 30 days =)

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