Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Long Weekend

We didn't get any rides in this weekend. Friday night we had storms off and on and miserable winds gusting to 40 mph. I shouldn't complain though, because in Western Nebraska they had 6-8 inches of snow to go with the wind, and places throughout the country had deadly tornados! Saturday we spent 5 hours cleaning out the garage and getting ready for garage sale weekend. Erik took two car loads of stuff to the mission for us (thank goodness) and we have a medium sized stack of garbage plus 4 cans full to go out with tomorrow's trash. After all that, the garage looks MUCH better and we suspect that once the garage sale is over we'll be able to park at least one car in it. The hope is that we'll get two in by winter! Novel to park the cars in the garage =)

Sunday morning we went to church and then worked on homework, mowing and getting ready for Southeast to host the annual district music competition. Monday, we spent 10 hours at the high school, rearranging furniture, running concessions, keeping the judges and directors happy and trying to manage a school full of students from a variety of schools. I don't think my bed has ever felt better than it did last night! Today we're all back to our regular work and school schedules. Hopefully I'll get re-hydrated and tomorrow we can slip in a training ride. Saturday it's supposed to be nice and we're hosting for Easter so I'm lobbying for a 10 mile ride. We'll see if I'm successful =)

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