Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go By Bike

Last night we rode just over nine miles. After a long day at work, and some quickie errands we slurped down dinner and loaded the bikes onto the Tribute. After bell practice we hopped on and rode home. It is GREAT having another driver! It was a little cool (I think we were in the low 50's) but we made it.

We have decided to do a metric on our own Saturday July 9. That's just over 8 weeks away. I feel a little nervous at the moment since I didn't feel very strong during last night's ride but I plan to keep right on pushing. We'll see how things go once we get to 50 cumulative miles a week, apparently that is a turning point for many cyclists. Our next planned ride is Thursday, before we set up the garage sale and then we're planning to spend some time out on Sunday cheering for friends who are running the half marathon. 10,000 runners this year so the only way to get close to them will be to ride in.

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