Friday, July 8, 2011

Two Rides - One Night

Last night Brian got back in to town surprisingly early so once I started laundry, and cleaned the toilets, we went out for 15.5 miles. The interesting thing on the trail yesterday was a woman carrying her pet bunny. He was black and white and super fat, pretty adorable really. It was a little steamy at the end but it was a good ride followed by salsa chicken, rice, fresh corn and the nicest cantaloupe of the week. While we were eating my mom called and wanted to ride too so I met her in the garage and we cruised around the cemetery for almost 3 miles.

After the second ride I did more laundry, took a GLORIOUS shower and spent some quality time with my textbook. The reality of my Capstone project is setting in. The next few weeks I'm going to have to REALLY buckle down and spend all my free time typing, researching and revising. With any luck this is the last year I'll have to share my vacation with my homework =)

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