Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beginners Luck

Last night I rode 15.8 in 90 minutes. It was pretty steamy and there seemed to be tons of dads out with kids working on riding their bikes on the trails.

The ride out went well and I was happy that none of the underpasses were flooded. On the way home I stopped at the gas company and the cable company to pay the bills and then got caught in Beginners Luck during the last mile of the ride. While I think Beginners Luck is awesome having 400 "new" runners in a small stretch of trail at the same time really bogs down the system. They meet at the high school down the street from us with 200 going North and 200 going East. I made my way around the largest part of the group and rode in the street instead of on the trail from the baseball field to the turn onto 14th Street.

It has been a wet week for Lincoln with nearly 3 inches so far this week in our rain gage. Hopefully it will be nice and dry for my long ride on Saturday.

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