Monday, July 11, 2011

I Didn't Make It

Saturday was supposed to be our 50 mile ride. Unfortunately, my body was done after 30 miles. For the first time ever my legs cramped up. We were about 5 miles from home when it started and had planned to ride there for a sandwich and drink refills before finishing the last 20 miles. The cramps really are nothing short of torture. I took in salt, liquids, potassium and calcium in an effort to get back out but couldn't get over the hump. Yesterday and today Lincoln is under a heat advisory and we're leaving Friday for vacation - hello Ely, I've been missing you!!! I'm not sure what kind of miles I'll be able to get in this week. My new goal is 50 in one day for our anniversary weekend, 2 months from now. So I'll just have to keep on training =)

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