Monday, August 6, 2012

Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle

Saturday afternoon was Erik's Eagle ceremony.  I was certain that I would bawl since I cried reading the script but I made it through just fine.  He had a good turnout and really enjoyed himself. 

Friday after work I did the Bride Ride and didn't realize until I got home and went to take it off that I rode without my helmet.  Thankfully I wasn't injured in any way!  Saturday morning I went to meet Susan for a walk but the weather intervened and we only did 30 minutes.  Later in the morning I took Cache for a walk through the cemetery and Sunday we went for a family bike ride after church.  The bridge has FINALLY re-opened so we rode from our house to the zoo and back.  I had BAD leg cramps on the way home and I'm still a little tight this morning so hopefully a walk with Cache this afternoon and plenty of water will help get things evened out again.

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