Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

If you're in the Midwest with us break out your long under ware, hold your babies close and put on the coffee and hot chocolate. We're gearing up in Lincoln for 6-14 inches of snow by Saturday morning depending on which weather person you listen to. Tonight Brian's family and a few of our friends are going to be stopping over for chili and potato soup and tomorrow morning we'll see if Santa has made it to our neck of the woods, there are still spots left at our table for breakfast and lunch if you need a place to spend Christmas Day. In the evening we're hoping to spend time with Brian's parents and grandparents.

Saturday I'm planning to spend the morning playing video games with Erik and in the afternoon we'll celebrate with some more Moock's (weather permitting) and then it will be time to get Erik packed up and ready for his trip. He's leaving from Southeast in the wee hours of the morning Sunday (at school at 2:30 am) and we'll be without him for a week. Hopefully the band will have a BLAST!

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