Friday, May 11, 2012

Yes I Cried a Lot!

Last night was the very last high school band concert.  It was also the last concert for LSE principal Dr. Hunter Pirtle (HP).  Dr. Hunter Pirtle is a tremendous man who had support for every program at the school.  He made our jobs as booster presidents easier and I think every student knew who he was and that he was there for them.  At the end of the concert the band played the fight song for him and all the parents stood, clapped and shouted along.  I could have used a big box of tissues last night, and apparently still this morning. 

I didn't participate in band in high school, but Brian did and he remembers it all very warmly.  There is something amazing and powerful about being in a group of 400 people working towards a similar goal.  We are excited for the next stage in Erik's group but we will definitely miss our friends at LSE! 

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