Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Preparing for the Future

This morning while getting ready for work I thought about the differences between Erik and I at high school graduation.  I finished a semester early and started to work full time, I actually had to take vacation for my graduation ceremony.  I also had a toddler, we celebrated my graduation and Erik's 1st birthday one weekend apart.  I wasn't sure what I wanted when I finished high school but Erik has as much direction now as I did at 25 or 30. 

I know that he will do well in college.  Of course I worry, every parent worries when their child leaves for college, especially when they move 4 hours away, but I have confidence that he will do well and find himself. 

Today I'll be off work early to shampoo carpets and continue efforts to prepare the house for graduation.  I'm sure his party will be a fun night for he and his guests and we are starting to receive lots of invitations so we'll have a busy weekend to celebrate.  Instead of thinking about all the work getting ready, I'm trying to think about this like I did with our wedding, it's only 11 more days until we get to party and have fun, and all of this hard work will be worthwhile!

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