Monday, September 28, 2009


We spent the weekend running for Erik and working on band props. Saturday morning found our family split between projects with Erik and Brian helping on an Eagle project while my mom and I and the band boosters painted props in the parking lot at Southeast. In the afternoon we met up with Diane and Greg so that we could spend the evening with Dava (I always love the opportunity to watch children's movies!) and then Brian and I hosted dinner on our deck with my mom and Roger. Dava enjoyed having 4 adults completely focused on her, but we would expect nothing less of the princess.

Sunday morning was the Hall/Moock marathon at church. All four of us played bells during the the first two services and then Erik sang at third service. In the afternoon Brian mowed all three yards and I went back to finish painting band props. We were able to meet with Bill Wiley briefly at church and we got our wedding pictures... which are AWESOME!!! Brian will post 4-6 this morning, more this afternoon and the more again tonight... there are some fantastic shots!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful bride! And check out those hotties in the tuxes! The wedding was awesome, food was yummy, music well-chosen. What I want to know is...what are you going to do with all that cake?!