Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button

Tonight is Band Button Night at our house =) We're having the people who used to do the buttons come over to teach Brian and I, AND the new people who are doing the photos and button making how this is all going to work! We will also get to do the first test on the cannon prototype. I'm SO excited!!! Last night the "team" got through all the gluing and I tried hard to serve as the runner. If this works we'll demo it for the band director and the program writer this weekend.

Friday afternoon, the three of us are going to go help the Nebraska Community Blood Bank in their attempt to be the worlds largest human blood drop. We're all going to wear red and get into formation!

We're really looking forward to our week in Ely, I've already set aside the books I want to take along and I'm continuing to dream about the dock and the blueberries! Can't wait for the lake!

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