Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ankles Are Stupid

On Friday I wrote about our super fun holiday weekend. Friday night we went to Brian's Aunt Patty's house to spend time with family. We played Rock Band and had a blast. Who knew Brian and Jeff should have had a garage band?

Saturday morning Erik and I met up with the scouts for a hike in Pioneers Park and on our way down the very last hill I twisted my ankle. Badly.... so badly that 5 days later I am still in love with the ice pack and the ACE bandage. Brian got the joy of doing Erik's mission trip laundry and we only made it to 2 of the 4 weekend parties that we had planned to attend.

This week we have stayed busy with band projects, work and getting the sprinklers repaired. Only 8 more days til vacation so I'm hoping to be healed up by then. Can't wait for Ely - time with family, the dock, the rocks, the boat, the cabin, the blueberries.....sometimes 8 days is a really long time!

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