Monday, February 15, 2010

And then...

as the couple was approaching their six month wedding anniversary, they went on their honeymoon =)

Brian and I will be leaving tomrorow at noon for almost a week in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. We will shop, eat at our favorite restaurants, try some new things, sleep in and enjoy a week alone. We both have to do homework while we're there but we're still looking forward to getting away =)

Things are still incredibly busy, we're hoping for improvements in our schedule with the next term at school but no promises. We're starting to make plans for spring break so if you're going to be around Lincoln we would love to see you. We're trying hard to spend time with all of the wedding party during that week and a half. Hopefully we can find something really fun to do!

I am surviving my speech class, but just barely.... and I'm only crying about it twice a week now, so that's an improvement. I think that hopes for my 4.0 this term may be dashed against the rocks, but I'll pass!

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