Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Away We Go

This month was gone in a BLINK!!! Today Brian and I are leaving for Pittsburgh to attend Pete and Tara's wedding. (Pete was Brian's best man.) We're excited to be hitting the road and it should be a really fun weekend. We're going to stop in Indiana for a cold soda with Brian's boss on the way and Sunday we're planning to drive straight back (16 hours). I'm trying to convince Brian to give me the early shift.

When we get back Erik will be 16. Where did the years go??? 5 more days until his school year is over and exactly 2 weeks for Brian and I.... thank goodness!

We do have one piece of GREAT news. Brian was officially accepted into his program so his Bellevue classes will start June 6 and his program classes will begin in August. We are getting closer to being done all the time.

The house has held up it's end of the bargain since getting a new pipe and a new garage ceiling, but we're thinking strongly about replacing the thermostat... I guess there is always something. We'll get some pictures up from Pittsburgh and maybe while we're out of town we'll have time to put some other pictures up =) Hope this finds you well!

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