Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Flowers

Or the lack there of =) We planted all kinds of things in our yard last summer and while I have a lot of green things sprouting up there are no flowers.... I keep telling myself it's because it's the first year that they've been planted, and because we're having a late spring. Brian thinks the dogs might be eating them!

Erik got a perfect score on his driving test. I haven't seen a smile so big in a long time. We celebrated with smoothies from Juice Stop and then spent the evening getting work done around the house. He will get his official license on Tuesday, June 1, so watch out =)

It has been a SUPER busy quarter. Brian and I are both taking classroom classes and on-line classes, we just had part of the ceiling replaced in our garage (thanks Dave!!!), we bought a new car - it's a 2009 Dodge Caliber and it's sunburst orange, and Erik has a slew of end of the year performances. In the midst of that we've celebrated Mother's Day and hosted Roger's 60th birthday and had a piece of pipe replaced under our foundation. When it rains it pours!

This weekend we will be helping Brian's brother Jeff celebrate his birthday (you'll have to ask him yourself, but it's a big one!), mowing at three houses, hosting two family dinners, working on our homework, packing for Pittsburgh and doing the Moock and Drabant cemetery rounds. It's also recycling weekend for the LSE Band Boosters so Erik and I will be hanging out there on Saturday morning. As you can see, even without a wedding to plan we've managed to stay busy.

Keep your 2011 calendars handy, Brian and I will both graduate and we're planning for a party at our house to celebrate, we'll get the dates out to you as we get closer!

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