Monday, April 26, 2010

May is Around the Corner

Wow - I read that last posting, talk about a bad day! While the same old fight still goes around our house I'm dealing with it better (on most days) than I was before!

In a month we'll be heading to Pittsburgh - my first time there - for Pete and Tara's wedding. We're looking forward to a fun trip and getting ready to make out motel reservations. We have decided to drive so it will be a good time.

Erik only has 29 school days left... it is almost the end of his sophomore year and we're looking at colleges and preparing for the future. On May 31 he will be 16 years old. I swear, I blinked and he went from being a baby to driving. He's almost done with driver's ed. Over the weekend he competed in the state piano competition and we went to an Eagle ceremony for one of his close friends. I confess, I cried through most of it. Brian makes it through (and he's usually a presenter) with no tears or strong emotions but it always makes me tear up.

This summer will be busy, fun and amazing. Probably not as much so as last summer, but we'll all be enjoying it as a family =)

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