Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Out and Moving

The temperatures in Lincoln have been up and down quite a bit the last few weeks and I've still been somewhat limited by what I can do.  Friday was the end of the 8 weeks of surgical restrictions so I am able to do anything I would like.  Friday afternoon Brian and I took the dogs for a walk, Saturday I went for a short walk with my friend Susan and Monday night I took both dogs out by myself for 45 minutes.  Before surgery all that tugging was a VERY painful adventure.  Last night, even though I was tired I didn't have any suspicious pain.  The rest of this week will be walking and then spending a weekend away shopping and playing in Minneapolis.

When we get home I'm planning to resume triathlon training.  I'm planning to journal all my training using this blog, much the way that I did when I was training for my 50 mile ride.  While that may be boring for all of you, it does help me to look back and see improvements and know where I need more work =)

So the bottom line is that I will be updating regularly again, but it might not be very interesting =)

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